Bowrider wake board and water ski boats

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bernster, Sep 3, 2011.

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  1. Hello all,
    Is there anyone out there who can offer some advice to a complete boating amateur. I have finally hit the age of 50, like most men of my age I have found an itch to scratch, it's not a Porche or a bird but a boat.
    I have been looking at Bowrider boats with inboard engines because they look good and my kids want to wakboard, ski and ringo. The price second hand seems pretty reasonable but there are so many models and engines, inboard outboard etc.
    this is a genuine request for advice from a life long landlubber.

    Oh yes and does anyone know any decent training schemes for boat drivers?
  2. Hi Bernster, How many people will you carry and where are you located? If youre using inland water about 18ft should do with a minimum 140 hp engine. (Max speed about 40 mph) If sea use then depending on your disposable wonga go up to about 21 ft with 200+ hp. (Max speed about 60 mph.) For availability of parts I would recommend a Mercruiser engine. For ease of maintenance probably cheaper in the long run to go for an outboard motor. Theres a saying amongst boat owners that 'A boat is a hole in the water into which you pour money'.

    Drop me a line if you require more info. Happy Boating
  3. I will only be carrying about 3 or 4 people plus me(my kids). Most of boats I have looked at seem to seat 5. I have no real idea about engines inboard or outboard, the inboards look better is my only thing really. Most of my fun will be on lakes but I would like the option to go on the sea, trips to Brownsea island, that sort of thing. We will see how it goes. Are you a boat owner at the moment?
  4. Hi ! Midlife crisis can be such fun ! Suggest you try Royal Yachting Association powerboat courses Levels 1&2. These will get you started and they are run at training establishments all over the country ( check on line ) . Take the course before you buy and it will help you make an informed decision ( and not drown your children) Good luck !
  5. Well you saw straight through my plan!
  6. 3 or 4 and you makes 5. Inboards look better...maybe until you start servicing and trying to change parts.If you will use the boat at sea you really should be looking at option 2. Yes Ive had boats for the last 30 years.