Bowmans catch fire...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hansvonhealing, Sep 10, 2006.

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  1. Sunday Mirror
    10 September 2006
    NEW £2billion radios for troops in Iraq and Afghanistan burst into flames if they get WET.

    Soldiers found that the portable Bowman lets in water, causing batteries to catch fire.

    Now top brass have ordered a refit of 12,000 batteries as experts probe the problem.

    Defence officials said there had been six "overheating incidents".

    Last night an Army source said: "It really does beggar belief. What are we supposed to do, only fight when it's not raining?"

    Squaddies have nicknamed them Better Off With a Map and a Nokia.

    An MoD spokeswoman said: "A full investigation is being carried out. All Bowmans destined for Iraq or Afghanistan are getting a new battery cover to ensure no water can get to the battery."
  2. A couple of years ago, a store full of these batteries burst into flames. It's either taken them two years to find out why or they have kept going with them on cost grounds in the hope that it was a one-off!
  3. Jesus Christ! BOWMAN just gets worse, when are we going to see a name and shame campaign on the monkeys who signed off on it?
  4. As a chef I've not had the opportunity to see this kit first hand. Apart from the water issue, is this kit actually any good?

  5. Check out the thread below and pay attention to Bed Ins reports of having to use runners in Iraqi fire fights.
  6. I remeber on one ex (1997) we were given some lightweight disposable batteries for the 351/320 - we were told they were designed for SF/Pathfinders. We loved the idea and buried them when they died. Funny thing was they tended to blow up as the ground was soaking wet - I wonder if they are the same?
  7. Some years ago (I visited Abbey Wood occasionally in a comms type job) I heard of personnel getting burns from the aerial when operating on high power. :?
  8. Perhaps we should use them as a front line weapon then, battery plus water bomb.
  9. Some editing.

    Gentlemen , please do not name manufacturers unconnected with Project BOWMAN.

    I have also edited out comments which contained accusations of underhand and shady dealings. This may be a commonly held view, but without supporting evidence of such dealings, I would really rather they didn't appear here.


  10. Quite, bad form and reflects badly on the MOD what!
  11. No, reflects badly on someone reaching for their lawyer.

    I'm not concerned about comments that make MoD think "Hmmmm we'd better look at the effectiveness of kit again."

    I am concerned about comment that suggests without supporting evidence, that there is corruption present in the programme.
  12. RF burns are common hazard of radio comms (and they fcuking hurt). it depends how far they were from the antenna at what exatly high power was and the role of the particular radio in use
  13. On an Ex PJW in the early 90s, a PC was leading his guys round to an FUP in the rain when he thought one of the guys had had an ND with an L2. The real culprit was the lithium battery (as mentioned by RGSM above) on the Pl Signaller's 351 reacting as expected with water.

    Luckily, the signaller had taken the 351 off the frame and so had the contents of his day sack in between his kidneys and the exploding radio!
  14. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Sorry PTP, didn't think, just that those laptop batteries have been in the news so often recently. 8O
  15. Armchair , your previous attempt to pursue the same route deleted.

    Are you a journalist?

    I'm not about to get into 'clever' banter here, so enabling you to make your allegations by other means.

    I do not want to see posts of the type you posted previously, here at all. Arrse is not a vehicle for you to make unsubstantiated allegations.

    If you wish to make that sort of allegation , and have the courage of your convictions, put your name to a letter and send it to Whitehall.