Is anyone else out there living the Bowman dream? Kit that we can't use once converted, kit that is called for conversion and left to rot for 8 months, training so long ago that if the kit arrived with santa you wouldn't have a clue where to start.

I've been in this mans army for 25 years and thought I'd just about seen it all, how wrong can one man be?

Not wishing to be an apologist for the Bowman feck up, but handing vehs to Bowman well in advance of the fit makes sense to me considering how we treat our vehs. If you left it until a few weeks prior to the fit you can bet your arrse the veh would be unavailable due to REME having the pack out, awaiting spares, veh still out on trg because some dimwit forgot it was needed etc.
Have you have gone to bde or div to source vehs you can use for trg because yours are on Bowman?
Happy New Year, keep smiling!
Having now been on both sides of the conversion process. Due to our kit being ready in September and not going, and now having to loan vehicles to go on exercise from a donor unit I can say that the process is crapp. It is not just the problem of the vehicles going but them coming back, they just don't work as the powerpoint lessons said they would. So to that end I now have 2x 430 fleets that can't go any where. And the 4 day turn round on CRAARV's is just laughable. In anyones wildest dreams it wasnt going to happen, are you trying to tell me that they had learn'd their lessons from the earlier vehicles my arrse. :(
Oh by the way if your going to use Bowman over any great distance, say more than shouting, I recommend Orange Talk Plan 60

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