Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by milkandcheese, Jun 27, 2006.

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  1. is it then?

    *drums fingers impatiently*

    It's supposed to be integrated with TA training, and fully deployed across the Army by end of 2008*. Do we now wipe BATCO from our minds, or should we be keeping up to speed with such things? Has any TA unit got sweaty mitts on the kit?

    As a side point, it'd be quite nice to see something of this one army concept with project roll out. Even a postit note would be appreciated!

    *I know originally it was 1995, but I'm confident the revised date is achievable. Oh yes.
  2. You'll be lucky - got to do your ECDL (European Computer Drivers Licence) before you can even be in the same room as BOWMAN - but there's no immediate danger of that happening any time soon.
  3. Its another government white elephant!!
  4. We haven't even got the A2 yet so I'm not expecting to see Bowman till about the middle of the next decade. Having said that, we haven't used BATCO for a couple of years as it's no longer taught.
  5. Then why in the name of all that's holy did I have to spend three days locked in a room with it and a sweaty RLC instructor?!
  6. We saw a picture of it once, does that count as 'One Army'?

    I'm sure its all a plot to ensure that we can't send anyone above the rank of Pte to support the Regular Army as they won't be BOWMANised, so we can get rid of all the TA rank structure.

    Aren't we due it in 2045 or there abouts.
  7. Maybe our Sigs Det know something we don't. Or they may just be idle.
  8. But I'm qualifed higher than ECDL and could teach why would I have to do ECDL...? It's of no value to me whatsoever!
  9. The grapevine says that it is on it's way through some of Sigs Regiments shortley (Army time scale mind).

    I don't think ECDL is mandatory, it depends on what previous experience/qualifications you have - some squadrons have been pushing it for a while already though. Saying that it would be amusing in a sick kind of way for someone with a BSc/MSc/10 years experience working with IT (say programming microsoft apps) to have to go learn how to do spreadsheets etc.
  10. over here in 412 troop ( v ) Germany , our parent unit 28 Engrs in Bowmanized, So my ta sigs Cpl is an Adv Sig , and I´m adv sig + Bowman Inst. and we´ve played with the kit , cool eh
  11. Literally just walked out of a Bowman conversion brief. All physical vehicle conversion will be completed by end of 2007 with most of the TA being done in the last quarter of the year. Trg will obviously be an issue, though.
  12. Trg will obviously be an issue, though.
    Not quite , a reg vhf user course is 4 days , that can be modulized easy , and most guys dont need anymore .
  13. Megadeth - you miss the point. The trg laid on by the contractor is not yet modular. It is done in one go - during the working week. Not ideal for the TA. Steady state trg down the line will not be such a concern, but the initial conversion trg will be a cause for concern, particularly in radio heavy units.
  14. deleted cos wrong post in wrong thread!
  15. Most of our guys are too. We had a lecture on it and I posed the question "can we not just do the tests as I don't want to spend 9 hours sat in front of a computer sucking eggs on how to open/save/close a file etc"......but sadly we have to do the training also.

    Funny really, we've even got an ex IT teacher, with a degree in IT, who's still got to sit the course!!