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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by goatbagthedruid, Mar 14, 2006.

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  1. Am currently undergoing BOWMAN (aren't I lucky) and I would like to ask for your opinions of the instructors.

    Have been instructed by two now and they were both shocking - both were ex Mil or TA but appear to have forgotten (or never been taught) EDIP. It doesn't help that the MOI and the content is unhelpful and poorly put together (even though it apparently cost a hefty ransom). Also, all the work is not being done by General Dynamics, nor Westland who it has been contracted out to, but Vosper Thornycroft (they build fibreglass ships) 8O .

    The final nail in the coffin is that it is all computer emulation rather than actually using the stuff. Therefore we have no idea what the kit is actually like.

    In summary, the whole package is rubbish. :evil:

    Any further comments?

  2. We were taught by some ex mil at Blandford, who were of a decent standard, however the courses ran at Bicester were shocking also. Have to agree with you there. Embarrasing at time as well.
  3. get used to it , it aint going to change ! And hands on won´t come in till Bowtac. comes to youre unit, Enjoy
  4. Yes, BOWMAN - Better Off With Man and Nokia.

    I helped write some of the software for it. God help us all...
  5. Computer emulation = cheap

    Real equipment = expensive

    Unfortunately, a great deal of defence training is going the same way for the predictable reason of cost. The contractors will make reassuring noises about "...striking the right balance between emulation and practical experience..." but it is almost always untrue because the less money they spend, the more profit they make :cry:
  6. dont worry about the westland courses take it as a day off in a comfy computer chair

    you wont start to learn bowman until you get hands on
  7. I do agree with your comments and i might add:

    1. It depends on the instructor, i actually had the pleasure of working with an ex Sigs Sgt from my Regt who took the time to read into it all. The critical thing to bear in mind is they are just reading from a script. There knowledge simply comes from the emulations and the one off time they get to actually see the real deal kit.

    2. Treat your current training as an overview. Believe it or not it will make the whole transition easier when the real kit is sat in front of you.

    3. Your continuation training will take place when BOWTAG tip up with the kit. I am currently in that transition and i might add i have learnt tonnes more than i thought i knew. You also will be surprised at what acually works and what actually doesnt.
  8. Apparently the new GSR thats coming into service soon isn't compatible with BOWMAN systems. More proof that whoever manages contracts for the MOD is a complete idiotic tosser
  9. thats the second time you've quoted that as gospel

    Care to share your sources ?
  10. From a WOII i know in the R Sigs
  11. How is it not compatible