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Having actually touched Bowman today ( woo, go me ! ) and knowing that we will soon be starting training on it, I was wondering if there is any promotional literature available . Something along the lines of exploded views of Bowman dets, pictures of the various bits, that sort of thing. Being out in the stab world we really do have to fend for ourselves sometimes but if there was something available to either download off DII and print out, or acquire through the system then I'd be grateful.
There is a set of posters/display panels (about A4 size) that describe the different components and ancils and how they can be be bodged together for different things. Can't help you out with an NSN/MOD Form number on account of not being in the TAC for another couple of weeks, but they are out there. Produced by AugustaWestland, I believe.

If you can't truffle it up on DII, try giving CIS Wing at Warminster a call. I'm sure they can point you in the right direction.
If you have access to DII then enter a search for the BUCK website.

It has everything you need to know about Bowman, even an Idiots guide for setting up the detachments from scratch.

Hope this helps

You need to go onto the Army Intranet via DII. Find the Land Warfare Centre (LWC) home page. Go to the C2DC website and follow the link to the Bowman User Community (BUCK).
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