Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Ragnar, Aug 10, 2005.

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  1. Anyone rumoured to be getting it shortly :?:

    Also how are we going to retrained to use it :?:

    All I've heard (rumoured) is that the RSWO and YofS(V) will need to attend a 2 weeks Bowman System Managers(V) course at Blandford.

    Also the conversion will be the same as the regs, FFRs get sent away to be kitted out and whilst thats being done the PSI's will undertake a training package so they can pass on the training to the TA.
  2. How someone can so a BSM course in 2 weeks totally bewilders me. It takes us 4 weeks to complete, and that is only the foundation. If left for a few weeks, you forget everything you have been tought, such is the skill fade. It would take a PSI to do the RSWOs job to keep current.
  3. I'd imagine it could be done by having a staggered trainign program over numerous weekends culminating in a two week final course BIB. Otherwise it might be Bowman phase 1 and Bowman phase 2 etc. I'm sure there are lot's of clever ways to do it to fit the training of TA.

    At the end of the day the need will overcome all else, as they're calling up far too many people from the TA. Won't look too good if they don't have a scooby how to use bowman, will it?
  4. ^BIB

    It will be at most 2 weeks cause thats how long most TA courses are :D , if the regular course is 4 weeks then most likely we can do it in 2 ... thats not a dig, most TA courses are crammed in (working longer hours and weekends - and missing out a few bits)

    I'm not sure about ur RSWO comment, mil CIS have been decades behind civ CIS for a while, BOWMAN brings it upto date leveling the playing field, but it depends on the individual (and assuming they are bringing IT knowledge with them).

    My view is certain people within my regiment will be hopelessly out of their depth but some won't.
  5. FFRs? Most are 110's as far as I know and last I heard there is no Bowman 110 fit. I cannot see the entire TA getting refitted with Wolf or even Pinzgauers.

    I also understand that the ECDL will be a required standard for all Bowman users.
    Things may have changed though :)
  6. Last substantial rumour I heard was everyone who had done at least the TA RDCC (Inf) should be looking in for course availability.
  7. The first actual meeting of any worth concerning this was held at LAND about 3 weeks ago after an 18 month 'tactical pause' in proceedings.

    While the final training product for TA/Res is still very much to be fully defined, I can assure any interested parties that a great many lessons have been learned, which require refining into something the TA/Res element can utilise without making the entire TA go on a 6 week course.

    It is highly likely that the TA/Res elements will be asked to identify a number of BSM(U) and (F) to complete the full (Regular) course, coupled to an element of T3 for all units, so that in-house training can be run, whilst being supported from the centre, but at a pace commensurate with the differing realities of life for the TA and Reserve Forces.

    All a little vague right now, but the unique pressures on our volunteer elements are being fully considered and I am confident that the solution - whilst not perfect - will at least enable the delivery of frontline capability into the hands of those who need it.
  8. Not sure what that course is :?: Is that the same as RSI/RSDC (Regt Sigs Det Comd) .... only know the older titles :D
  9. Any guesses when the first courses will be available
  10. Well it's all a little difficult to determine that. What I can say is that the BOWTAG people have been extended for a further period of time; and that I wouldn't expect significant amounts of dedicated TA/Res training (as opposed to training received for deployments) until well into next year.
  11. Hm looks like I'm not on my units camp next year then :lol: :lol:

    unless they put me in XYZ slot .. :twisted: :twisted:
  12. It can't be long, as our 110's are up to 18 years old and need replacement.
  13. Just a guess, but have they sorted a minibus fit for BOWMAN :lol: :lol:

    Seriously, I can't see 2 Sig Bde having any green fleet in the next few years
  14. Most courses can be cut to 2 weeks, but as you will see by Darths mail, they are still looking at how the TA can do the BOWMAN courses. The BSM (U) & (F) courses cannot be cut. The module 2 X 2 week thing will cause too much skill fade. BOWMAN is a different beast, but I'm sure they will come up with "something" for you all. I only speak from experience, as someone who has taken a unit through conversion. It's hard enough for the Regs to take it in who work with it all the time. You will know what I mean by the skill fade when you come across thr beast.

    Hopefully all it's warts will be ironed out by then as well. Here's to wishful thinking.

  15. I do hope so. Most of our green flett are older than the soldiers that crew it- some of it is nearly as old as me :)

    Seriously urines me off when you see newer kit being disposed of via auctions.

    It would be good to get Bowman in new Vehicles - just the HF component would be a significant boost to our current mission.