Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by AIRBORNERSI, Sep 28, 2006.

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  1. Does anybody know if there are any plans to recognize Bowman System Managers (throughout the army) with extra money. I have just completed the course, making the transition from Clansman after over 20 years as a Rad Op and wow what a difference in responsibility and workload. I think there should be some form of recognition for BSMs (in post) by way of extra money.
  2. there will be no extra pay for Bowman Quals (incl BSM) - straight from the horses mouth (A&SD)
    Sorry but look into the new IS career stream for continuance and eventually VEng and a career to 55.
  3. And the horse will bolt - you would be better paid as a civilian - don't forget you will get your pension and Gratuity when you leave - thus they will re-employ you at £xxxx + your pension niiiiiiiiccccccceeeeee

    A&SD is a little short sighted any IS Engr or IT Spec out here is on FAR BETTER pay.

    If A&SD wants to continue to be an idiot keep paying stupid wages.

    With the Olympics and other high profile projects (Aircraft Carriers et al) there is loads of work out here for Bowman Qual people