Bowman section radio - 354?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by roger_out, Jan 14, 2008.

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  1. Hi guys sorry to ask a mega bone question but does anyone out there know if the new section level radio will fit in one of the long arktis utility pouches?

    On about the radio which is issued in a water bottle type pouch, 354 i think but could very well be wrong.


  2. PRR BOWMAN is tiny; look at some pictures on the interwebnet. It should go into almost anything.
  3. PRR is pocket sized

    Do you mean this bugger ?

    The PRC 354 is issued down to Section level and replaces the PRC 349 and 350. It has a range of approx 5kms with a 1.6m antenna and, when equipped complete to scaling, weighs approximately the same as a PRC 350, but is heavier than the PRC 349.

    * Frequency Range: 30 – 88 Mhz
    * Planning Range: 5km using a 2m Whip Antenna
    * Weight: Circa 1.2kg without batteries
    * Dimensions: 94mmx44mmx195mm
  4. B_Z you do know feck all dont you?

    Don't hold your breath for your cadet det to get them though...
  5. you cant put PRR in a pouch on belt kit the lead to the head set is too short and how you going to use the switch....?

    Dont think your getting the remote switch no one does !
  6. them dimensions are without the battery
  7. This valuable information may still be relevant.

    I understand the OP has now left school, completed his education, trained as a teacher, undergone relevant courses of instruction and is a valuable officer in the CCF.

    As well as signals related content some of this training has covered an in depth study of the military related phenomenon known as 'flash to bang'.

    Your contribution is both useful and welcome.

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