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Discussion in 'RLC' started by BaggyInBlack, Oct 23, 2004.

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  1. Our unit has just sort of finished conversion and the "flat liners" are suddenly having a go at us stating that they are doing our work.
    Weird, coz we have been telling them for the past year that they will have a bigger role with digitisation coming up. People are finding it hard to use the ComBAT software. They say it’s our job, and as we all now know, its not. Rad Ops manage and maintain BOWMAN radios….everyone else uses ComBAT and sends their own messages over the BOWMAN radios.
    If you are in a unit that has not yet converted, then pse get out there and let the rest know that BOWMAN will have a major impact on them.
    On the Rad Op side of life, a Adv Sigs (Det Comd) job is relatively easy. The BSM(U) has a nightmare of a job. Where is our higher band money?
  2. Funny that! I sort of had the idea that RLC Driver/Radio Operators, well sort of drove and operated radios!!! Silly me....

  3. Yip....very true...they do operate and maintain radios...but where the mis-education is, well, is with BOWMAN. ComBAT, the software on the Data Terminals is not BOWMAN, it's software that produces situational awareness and R2, which gets sent over BOWMAN radios. So u see, we use the radios, and with the advancement of digitisation, flatliners get to use the rest, ie, ComBAT.
    I thik people need to get to grips with this sooner than later, coz it will hit u all hard.
  4. Whats BOWMAN?
  6. 40 MPH actually, well now 43MPH to bring us up to line with BFG being able to do 70 KPH.

    We are soon to start the upgrade on the suspension to let us drive to the normal WOLF speed limits, HOWEVER, most HQ FFR's are what's known as cat C or D, which means thay have to tow a trailer to take the weight off the front axel. What happens when you tow a trailer with a WOLF LR????? You are still restricted to 40 MPH. Great innit??? What a waste of money.
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  11. BOWMAN is a pain in the ARRSE. I run a small MT, where all my drivers are Driver Rad Op's. The guys are good, however with all the upgrade training, etc my 21 prime movers and 19 Trailers need some TLC. As for ComBAT I have forgotten more that I was taught, skill fade or what! So BOWMAN is a pain in the ARRSE.
  12. Ditto, U sound like yer in a Fd Hosp or some other small det. BOWMAN IS a pain in the arrse, but unfortunetly we gotta make it work as it's not going to go away, no matter how much we slag it off.
  13. Any rumours about what happens when the medical part of Bowman comes out? Will RLC do the comms bit at lower levels with Sigs taking over at higher levels and the IS being done medics (Sigs again at higher levels .. maybe TA :twisted: ) like it is now?
  14. No rumours, Polar. Nor any truth in the one you've just started trying to spread. Sorry. :wink:

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