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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by gorilla, Mar 2, 2008.

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  1. How do you get the wireless PTT to work with the main set.
  2. Can't fully remember off the top of my head, but seem to recall holding it with the reverse (strap side) against the PRR inbetween the pressels, and once the PRR is switched on you hold down the pressel on the PTT until you hear a tone change in the headset?

    This may well be total baws, by the way, but it is along those lines. I know it is on the user guide that comes with each brand new PRR, perhaps your sigs det have some hiding in the store?
  3. Yup thats how its done,just make sure you are a few meters away from you oppo's when its done to prevent a gash sync.
  4. How long does this take?
  5. Wow, I wasn't expecting to get that right! Haven't done it for ages- Not bad for an out of practice sigs repair NCO, eh? So much for skill fade... ;)

    It should take no longer than 10 seconds, it is a really distinctive tone change you hear- you will know once it's done.
  6. Tried that numerous times its still not working, if it helps Im using the command prr
  7. do u want to get its operator guide?
  8. You say you've been in the Army three and a half years yet you can't get PTT to work. Unless you are working in complete isolation (in which case why the need for PRR) there will be someone you can ask, rather than coming on here and making yourself look a dick.
  9. Well i think that comment is a bit unfair! The guy is asking for help, maybe not through his direct chain but it's a general question that many people can answer on here. He may well have some complete nobs as bosses who just take the piss when he asks questions like this!
    I do hope your user name "troopie" doesn't mean your a Troop Commander! :?
    Rant over
  10. Or a Troop Staffy/Sgt. :x


    If you have repeatedly tried to get it to work and it wont, find a mate, who kit DOES work and sync, and try your wireless pressal on his PRR, and your PRR on his wireless.

    It could be a fault in either one or both.

    For Info, I am pretty sure (although can't check at the moment) that there is a page on this in TAMS.

    PS PRRs aren't Bowman. :)
  11. Programme Wireless PTT to PRR
    2. Put Remote PTT as shown.
    3. Switch PRR ON. Ascending
    tones heard.
    4. Press and Hold Remote PTT,
    same tones heard.
    5. If unsuccessful Descending
    tones heard.
    6. If necessary repeat steps 1 to
    7. When successful, release PTT.

    From TAM

    Edited twice for mongness.

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  12. If you are trying to get the remote PTT to work with the main Bowman set then I think I won't.

    It will only operate the PRR, not the main Bowman set you may have attached to it. If I have the wrong end of the stick I'll wind me neck in. If you are trying to get it to work with the PRR and it won't, get it exchanged for one that does. Simple as.