Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by keithspurs2000, May 26, 2009.

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  1. Has anyone got any accurate information with regards to the power drain in amps in a bowman platform. PM me if nesessary. Thanks.
  2. Crikey! We can't get General Dynamics to commit to transmission distances or equipment capabilities and you wanna know the power drain in amps! :)

    You're not called Norman, have no mates and collect stamps do ya? You need to get out more bud.... preferably in the daylight, giggle!

    That said.... i might have a source who can help you out. Will make enquiries and get back to you mate.
  4. "Every day's a learing day" as they say! Nice points there at the end of your post Time Bandit.... must note those away for ref. Cheers! :D
  5. Glad to be of assistance! Any other points that need clearing up ask away!!!
  6. Surely, the answer is "how long is a piece of string?"!

    I don't know how many platform types we now have, but each one will be different, with a different power budget.

  7. Very good point! Without giving specs, names and sensitive info away.... what vehicle spec are we talking about? Simple or fully functional platform? Given the amount of kit in a fully functional now.... is it all going to be on at once? Does the original poster work for the Pakastani government? etc etc etc!

    You could do yourself a mischief trying to figure this one out! :pissedoff:
  8. Feck me days, it gets more and more technical.

    If I get recalled to the colours, can someone please organise a job for me as a spud barber in the cookhouse. Ta.
  9. .... you wouldn't know who stole me last black Jelly baby yesterday would ya? 8O