Bowman more trouble brewing ?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by omega, Aug 4, 2006.

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  1. Some of you may have seen this.

    see the link to NAO report.
    Smacks of Tetra,much promised & little delivered.
    Tax payer may well get another bashing with Bowman.
    What a pity Yeoman was axed,it was so nearly there & at least British.
  2. I only read the first and part of the second page before I got bored so if i've missed the actual story then I'm sorry.
    I'll reserve my judgements on Bowman until the whole system is fully deployed and we can see what it can really do :D
  3. Fred would have fixed it ! The link to the NAO is the interesting bit.
    Certainly none of this is GD's fault apart from maybe thinking it was going to work out of the box.The 1st part is a very big improvment ie secure speech.The rest can come along when RFS.At least GD now have a more realistic timescale to work with.The question re battery life is a problem that won't go away.If you have kit full of fast processors it's going to use power,look at the average laptop for battery time,let alone asking it to Tx.Bigger batteries won't go down a bundle with the poor sod carting it around either.Yes it is a long term project & very often things don't work the same in the heat of battle as they do on a test range.Feed back every problem up the tree & make sure someone listens.