Bowman Lighting NSNs

Hi. Our unit has had Bowman for a little while now, but we seem to have old penthouse lights for lighting FFR's. Can somebody please enlighten me on either the "issue lighting solution" or the next best (24v DC). We could also use some good suggestions for 9*9 or 12*12 lighting, (from lfg).
I presume there should be an LCD replacement for the Penthouse, but seem unable to find it.
Bowman is a radio system - why have you assumed it would provide lighting? Speak with your ED's or your Tp Staffy about it.
Did you used to have soft tops converted on Project Hermes ? if so wait till Monday and I'll dig the part number, we had same thing, may need to submit AFG 8088 to ET Sponsor thou
Bloody fair question! Apparently, the bods that oversaw project BOWMAN never dreamed it would have to be operated in the dark. Just about everything has a backlit LCD display anyway so you should be able to log, wash, polish your boots and check the gene by the light of the UCD.

Hope this helps!
Doogonk said:
Bloody fair question!
Jeez! I thought you'd died and gone to Bowman Heaven (wherever that might be!).
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