Bowman kit for sale

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by mpsman, Feb 2, 2006.

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  1. Amazing, just came accross this on eebaaay EeeeBaaaay

    And before anyone suggests, I never placed a bid on it.
  2. I commented on this as it concerns me that headsets and PRR are on there. The officila line is MoD are not bothered PRR are sold to many countries and MoD do not have any records of who bought what, the fact the picture I sent showed quite clearly it was UK bothered them not, nor the fact that the seller was saying "ex British Army"

    So thats that.
  3. There was a PRR on there last week. Shocking.
  4. He could get more for it if it said 'as used by the SAS Paras in Gulf War 7'
  5. a number of the circuit diagrams and operating parameters for a comms system still in development are available if you just google it.
  6. He would have got mor for it if he had said: "Used in actual combat. Very rare. Retails at millions of pounds. Only available to SAS/SBS/Super DeLuxe forces"
  7. What breaks me is that out in the sandpit our CQMS couldn't get spare headsets for love nor money and this cnut's flogging them on e-bay! FFS. Wanders off chuntering to have a smoke.