Bowman in Webbing?

Why the hell would you want to? Anyway have you though about a haversack or those gay man bags they're issuing

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If you get an adjustable quick release clip tailored onto one of you pouches itll fit its a bit of a lick if your not using the fexible whip.
Believe it or not, you actually get issued a pouch for sect. comd. level kit (although most blokes just use a utility pouch), anything else goes in your daysack.
The wee infantry VHF comes with its own pouch for fitting to your belt kit , anything bigger goes in a breach or a daysack.
I wouldn't think the section level Bowman would fit in a utility pouch. With the battery on its a bit of a brick. The PLCE pouch is a beast too and I wouldn't put it on my webbing. Daysack all the way.
Most blokes used to stick it in their utilty pouches, G10 or off the shelf I don't know. Mainly because it was a pain in the sphincter chopping and changing belt kit. But you're probably right, daysacks were the logical option, especially when it came to re-filling them or doing battery changes.
Having it in your webbing is a really good way of breaking the goose neck. stick it in your daysack.
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