BOWMAN in the Desert

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by wooger, Apr 22, 2005.

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  1. Are they planning on using Bowman in Iraq. From experiance I know that a Nokia won't work! As I left there did not seem to be much stripping of the Clansman kit.
  2. Not sure, am sure some bored soldiers from BAS can inform the wider world.

    Not a cynic, but it probably won't work if they have it over there! :?
  3. Maybe.

    Had a look at the proposed fit for an LR this week. Jesus, where does me kettle go?
  4. That will probably put a power spike in the veh which will destroy everything and crash the data system.

    The whole thing is ARRSE :evil:

    We get it next year. Bring back the smoke signals, plastic cups and bit of string.
  5. Captain_Crusty

    Captain_Crusty War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I'm going to nominate you as the RSO....
  6. Not if I get you nominated first!
  7. 12 Mechanized Brigade in May:

  8. The first 2 articles highlight what is wrong and unconstruuctive about the BOWMAN debate. Yes, its got a history of faults, and a many cock-ups, but it's a hugely ambitious undertaking and anyone with the faintest understanding of the task should not be surprised by the difficulties faced. The bad press, and bad reputation, of the Project is not helped by feeble attempts to gloss over the numerous (but not surprising) flaws.

    Soldier Mag could do better. I doubt there is a reader of the magazine who does not understand (or at least does no know) of BOWMAN's flaws - why, therefore, resort to positive spin? A house mag should be the forum of honest opinion about what these problems are, and what is being done to rectify them.

    As for the BNP article..... Well it won't alter my voting intentions. Check out the author - doesn't take much to get a law degree these days does it.

    Anyone care to comment on the viability of a brigade with 2 different (and barely compatible) comms systems?
  9. Hear Hear Whitewash - having been part of a BOWTAG I think I'm as qualified as any to pass comment.

    The radios are good and work well with ranges at least as good as Clansman, in 99% of cases better.

    The problems with the system lie in the passage of data. This is where we were in the early 80's with the worlds first mobile phone network - Ptarmigan.

    This is cutting edge kit - state of the art digital comms. Its so new that when it goes down even the geeks don't know why coz they were suprised it worked in the first place!! This is the worlds first mobile serverless internet working over CNR.

    Even the yanks haven't got this and it cost them the GDP of two small african countries to get FBCB2 to where it is now - about two years ahead of BOWMAN, but on kit that is now 10yrs old. In the next few years BOWMAN will become one of the most adanced systems on the planet.

    To answer the question above, BOWMAN is fully compatible with clansman in the Fixed Freq insecure mode, effectively giving the same level of comms that we have now wiht clansman.

    Folks - give it a chance
  10. That was really my point - by defaulting to the lowest common denominator - FF insecure, are we not foregoing the advantages of Bowman? Or can we work as a split formation and still make partial advantage of it?
  11. Theres no reason why at Coy level to BG you can't have secure - unless you've got heavy A with your group.

    At BG level you could have a split Comd net working secure to the Inf and Insecure to the Cav but I really wouldn't recommend it!

    Until they sort the intercom prob out C2 is going to be a bit of a mare!
  12. Can't be any worse can it??
  13. Having been involved in all things Bowman for the last 2 yrs I echo Whitewash and the loggie. Bowman is light years ahead of Clansman both in capability and realiability. :D

    Bowman has been deployed 'overseas' since the end of last year and will continue to be. Although limited to secure voice and positional awareness (with some situational awareness) this is still vastly superior to Clansman. Its true that the data capability and CIP is not ready yet but that will come with time.

    Bowman is fully compatible with Clansman in both insecure and secure working (the later by using specific eqpt which I am not going to go into on the internet!) :wink:

    The futures bright, the future is BOWMAN, get used to it.
  14. Quick question, I've heard lots of good and bad things about Bowman, one of the main worries is the amount of room it takes up. So can anyone tell me if when a long wheel base land rover is fitted with the equiv to a 353 and a HF is there still room for 2 on top cover?? If not then we could be in a spot of bother in Iraq....
  15. As a basic user here's my view. Bowman voice is very good. It has good range and not having to bugger about with BATCO is a real plus. The data sucks at the moment, you have to be plugged into a LAS to get all the info that is being sent. It does take up a lot of room in the wagons. All FFRs are supposed to have trailers now because you can't fit any kit in the back and some bright spark has said the speed limit for FFRs is 40mph. On the whole it's not that bad but it's going to take some time to iron out all the teething problems.