Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Dropzone, Apr 10, 2005.

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  1. I was going to put this on Bow_Man's board but its more of a rant than coherent comment, hence I've put it here.

    [rant on]My issue is this: who the feck is that knobber ex-7 RHA rupert wandering about out here who thinks hes fcuking god's gift to BOWMAN ans the Army in general? What a patronising cnut. If the BOWMAN project is as full of people like him, then it's no wonder its going downhill. He even slags off his own officers and chain of command!

    One rule eh? :evil:


    I have no issue with the fact that its a difficult project to run, cos everyone reckons its bonk - but what are we supposed to think when choppers like this are running around?

    Give it a chance!

    [/rant off]
  2. DZ, I agree that 'people should give it a chance' but blaming BOWMAN's shortfalls on one single person is stretching the bounds of credibility somewhat - even if he is a total cnut. :D

    Is there a reason why he's behaving this way? Perhaps you could help him feel less insecure - if he's still wearing his maroon lid (even though he's not a part of either 7 or 16 Bde) then I suggest insecurity is his problem.

    I suggest lots of cuddles* - you may also wish to tell him that he's 'the best BOWMAN bloke in the Army' - that may calm him down a bit!

    Glad to have helped! :D

    *Note: I don't mean the ARRSEr by the same name!
  3. Knife him dropzone, ignore clerk calypso :D
  4. You are a tw@ - and a filthy rozzer to boot! :D
  5. Having only escorted you on day release.... how can you call me a tw@, that is reserved for those that have had reason to be upset with me taking away their liberty. Clerky mines a tea, milk, no suger :D
  6. Here you go...


    ...I flicked my cheesy bellend wipings into it. Enjoy. :D
  7. :lol:

    Clerky im most impressed, you've bought me breakfast and now made me a brew, you are my bítch. :D
  8. Yeah, but those weren't actually Coco Pops.
  9. UPDATE:

    Wheres our fcuking headsets you BATCIS to$$ers!
  10. Now issued to Battlegroup as of 13 Apr 05 apparently??