Bowman Implementation

Hi All,
I am doing some commercial research on the Bowman Program. (I am not a journalist).

I am trying to get some POSITIVE feedback on the likelihood that Bowman will meet its 2008/ 2009 implmentation deadline.

I have a detailed understanding of the implementation to date/ implementation scope/ technical/ ergonomic/ training difficulties experienced and required integration with NEC/ other programmes (DLO/ DII).

It just seems to add up to a logistical nightmare and I can't see how roll-out can be achieved on schedule.

I'd welcome any insight/ direction you can provide.
On a related subject, as a new civvie, I was researching new radar technology for possible civilian applications. The military project I was interested in was still protectively-marked and commercially confidential. I would suggest caution in answering this one...but I doubt I need to say that
Darth_Doctrinus said:
CS - once I've figured it out I'll keep it to myself - knowledge is power! :)
Couldn't agree more, my lot have have lived by that for decades. :D

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