Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by FPF_my_loc, Oct 8, 2003.

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  1. From the horses mouth, and no surprises then that Bowman is going to be late. 1 R ANGLIAN kick off the show soon then it's comming your way, but slower than you need it. What's your thoughts and what have you heard...I've a guy on the inside I'll quash or confirm that rumour control..FPF out.
  2. Yep, heard similar sort of rumours 8O , along the lines:

    1. Cant get the HCDR radio to work !
    2. Range is not as good as expected - about the same as CLANSMAN.
    3. Having probs with the BSAM applications.
    4. 1 R. Anglian don't rate it
    5. Units can expect to receive kit at least 3 months after their current schedule ?

    So go on then - can u confirm or deny ?

    P.S. I'm a communicator so I'm a bit gutted, but some news (even bad) is better than none !
  3. Par for the course. Mod muppets can't ever get a radio to work look out for clansman 2000 coming soon.
    now wheres my top up voucher :twisted:
  4. Mutter, mutter.......bandwidth......mutter, mutter..........manage user expectations.......mutter, mutter etc.
  5. Yes but how much does it weigh?
  6. My unit is converting very shortly to BM; problems so far,

    1. When briefed on it's capabilites, we were told to wait out as some of the kit is still being trialled, even though it's going in the wagons in Jan.
    2. A fit has only been drafted for 436 variant, 432's require an MFO box of harry black and a qualified carpenter to install it.
    3. All our wagons are being moved to Ashchurch for fitting a few wires and the new comms system at great expense to the tax payer, talk about moving the mountain to Mohammed!
    4. When asked what the back out plan was if it didn't work, the Sigs told us that there isn't one, it has to work
    5. We should be converted to BM by Mar 04, just in time to go to BATUS straight back onto Clansman vehicles for exercise.

    6. The A2 version will be available next Nov to replace all the kit that's broken due to operations in differing climates. Apparantly nobody thought to test it in hot and cold conditions as it was thought that outside the NAAFI in Bulford and Knook camp "would just about do it". The MOD will say that it's only teething problems due to squaddie's bad equipment management and will be able to fix it at a cost of £300 million :roll:

    P.S Serials 1 to 5 are bullsh1t, serial 6 is the only thing that's certain
  7. So after all the discussions, trials and millions of taxpayers money the british army will probably still be reverting to passing information using "OTHER MEANS" ie the good old:

    More Secure,
    Software Locatable,
    High Speed Data Enabled,
    Handsfree Use Enabled......

    Mobile phone. In the words of Laurel & Hardy... "Another Fine Mess..."

    This whold bowman thingy is starting to sound like the bloody scottish parliament fiasco. Harumph.
  8. And even that statement is half bollocks hot trials have just been done in some desert in the states.

    Anyone from CSDC or C2DC going to give a more informed view?
  9. Bow_man,

    If the trials have Just been carried out in the States, then isn't it cutting it a bit fine considering our unit is going through BM conversion now.

    I'm assuming the trials were conclusive to the effect that BM is the best thing since sliced bread, or is it a case of sh1t or bust time again?
  10. I'll throw my lot in with the mobile phone brigade - the only trouble is that with those pay-as-you-go thingies you never know whe
  11. Yes that's all well and good, but how much does it weigh?
  12. Been doing my research and have found a number of interesting articles...

    It appears that ITT are marketing an ADR (Advanced Digital Radio) which is software configurable and upgradable, with regard to the manpack variant the ADRP (Advanced Digital Radio Portable) the only weight related spec listed was "Lightweight".... (how useful eh El_Pato!)

    Full adobe pdf to be found on the link below:

    Also found the following:



    Don't know if that helps??? Keep me posted on any other developments,

    Le Bashir.
  13. The trials process is based on the first Bowmanised Brigade. Once they are converted then User trials will commence. Obviously other trials have been conducted on individual bits of kit, but the system trials cannot be conducted without a system. As I understand it the trials process being undertaken is one of the most thorough that a new piece of kit has been through in a long time. (oh and yes many bits of kit do come into service without ever being user trialled!!)

    The VHF radio has been trialled to death during the BOWMAN process which was why GD(UK) had no say in which VHF radio they could offer - MOD stipulated that the ITT ADR+ radio would be used.

    The HF radio has been in service with both UK forces and many other armed forces around the world for about two years or so now and is also a world beating radio.

    As for HCDR and the other bits of BOWMAN, we shall have to wait and see. However my understanding is that there are some problems with BOWMAN (to be expected to be honest), and there will continue to be problems with BOWMAN for the foreseeable future. It is an immature system with operators that are not used to how it is supposed to work and how to gain full capability from the system. Lets face it the majority of the British Armed forces have never had a secure radio before, let alone a secure IS system running over it at the same time. My suggestion is that people at least give it a chance...

    The fact that you will have both secure VHF and HF is an incredible leap forward already.
  14. well one thing for sure, anyone with less than 5-6 years left wont get to see it up and running properly, these things tend to have a teething problem time longer that its expected inservice lenght of time
  15. Heard a rumour that the trials in the states had gone pete tong. Problems both with the hardware and software.

    Apparently the BLIS system isn't and I quote "Fully matured" yet - so stores people can't account for it easily.

    Problems with the power on some land rover installations - apparently it needs wads in a 2 set config.

    Again problems with which version of BSAM is going to be deliver - I think the first upgrade is due summer 04 - note that many units won't even be converted.

    All minour problems I am sure - if we were allowed to go off line and convert in a steady state manner but I am sure we will be expected to manage all our usual commitments.

    So any truth - or are they all rumours. I must admit most came to me by word of mouth - so I am a wee bit sceptical. :?: