Bowman Daysack


I've just got hold of a Bowman daysack, nods head in recognition of customer service to Kit Monster.

It has a fair sized main sack, 70ish litres, has any one used it as their main bergan, without the Bowman kit, and if so what are their thoughts on it?


Lived out of one for about 72 hours whilst still using it as a radio carrier. Awesome bit of kit - made by Karrimor.

Wish it was the issue daysack and far less people would be spending money on their own.


Thats good to hear, its the main reason I got it, the overall design. It certainly seems better than the patrol sack.

Since there's no chance of me ever using Bowman I was planning to remove all the fiddly bits in the radio section.
You may as well leave them there. If you want to sell it on you'll get more for it.
Got mines from Kit monster as well, I've taken out the foam back plate out makes it more comfortable. I wouldn't mind getting the top lid fitted with zipped compartment similar to the NI pack though.

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