Bowman concerns!

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Doogonk, Nov 18, 2009.

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  1. The ongoing uplift of Bowman has got me really concerned! When I asked my line manager to clarify the situation he assured me that ALL Bowman equipment was scheduled for upgrade.

    Now I’m worried! I’ve identified a number of areas that I believe have been overlooked by those carrying out this “scheduling”! I mean…. nobody has contacted me with regards to my mouse mat!!!!! It has Bowman written on it…. surely it needs some kind of uplift. And what about my jacket? That has a Bowman logo embroidered upon it. Do I need to send it off for some kind of elbow patch upgrade?

    Have I been let down by the MOD here or (gasp), has the Government dropped the ball again? Should I hi-light these oversights up the chain or just eat my mouse mat and be done with it?

    Any guidance would be appreciated. The jacket is no longer a concern as (with the clever use of Tippex and a black marker), I have changed the logo to read “Bummer”, which people have told me reflects my personality a treat.

    Is nobody else concerned?

    Hat.... check! Coat.... check.... TAXI! 8O
  2. I see they haven't upgraded the batteries so that you don't have to send them away (at great expense!) for recovery from "deep-discharge"... funny how I've never had to do that with a Li-ion mobile phone battery...

    Then again, I have the option of telling Nokia et al to feck off if there technology is inferior... GD pretty much have the MoD over a barrel here.

    Procurement, eh? Whoever signed that contract needs a slap.