Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Howayman, Sep 26, 2006.

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  1. Just been Bowmanised (shudders).

    Does anyone have any idea as to when we are likely to see the G2 BISA? It was a question I was asked, to which I looked sheepish.

    NTTT; Can you shed any light? Anyone else?
  2. You should know by now not to post remotely sensible threads on this forum, nobody cares!

    Wasn't there a Mod called bowman?
  3. Timescale...for Bowman kit....


  4. I realised that when I noticed that 51 people had viewed the thread andf ignored it.

    Feck this I'm off t'pub.
  5. Bowman - brilliant idea when it was first conceptualised (?) (thought of). Thanks to the Forces procurement system and lack of understanding of what the Troops actually needed (not what the Brass THOUGHT they needed) We now have the equivalent of a Spectrum ZX while the rest of world are working on AMD2 and Intel Core Duo2

    Rant over.....
  6. Hmm
  7. I knew it wouldn't be long before unbelievers appeared on this forum. G2 BISA is out there somewhere - location unknown. As for the issues with the hardware, yes it is slow and cumbersome, however what do you expect? X Box 360?

    BOWMAN is here, in service, and along with it comes ComBAT. So, before you go off in a rant and get yourselves all worked up about it, take some time and think about what it CAN do for you, rather than what it CAN'T.

    Yes, I am a BOWMAN Instructor, and there aren't a lot of us in the Corps doing the job, but, it keeps me happy and out of mischief!
  8. Too late...

  9. Never too late.....