bowman coaxes

What is the maximum amount of BOWMAN coaxes that can be connected together? Obviuosly the more you connect the more signal degradation you will suffer but is it laid down anywhere>?
isn't loss affected more by the amount of connectors in the run rather than solely cable length?
No, there is a common myth that each connector equates to a 3dB loss, but this is complete ARRSE, in reality you will get less than 1/2 dB loss from a decent condition N type sokt-skt barrrel connector (loss measured with Bird Watt thrumeter, so don't hold your breath on that one!). you will experience far more loss from the cable length than you will with the connectors.
There is no real limit on the number you may connect together, although you will get to the poinbt where you are not effectively radiating

Schadenfreudefest post has a link that will help you determine the effective maximum length you can use.

Not familiar with Bowman, but tell me the type of cable eg a UR or RG number, the length and the rough frequeny band and I will work it out for you.

Agree that decent connectors won't cause much loss.

75 Ohm coxial cable, has a run of 100m before the signal starts to degrade and get noisy.

With a video feed it will turn to mush quickly after the 100m point.

With bowman, I reckon you could get a bit further out of it before its noticable, let alone unworkable.
its issued Bowman coax
75 Ohm coax is 75 Ohm coax.

Its all the same. The issued stuff is more than likely made by RF, the same as the stuff thats used on a sky dish. except thats black.

its worth heat shrinking the BNC's if you are making up and extender cable though.
Why not try stripping out a bootlace coax and mis-matching it to its antenna array, and then spend 5 years wondering why BOWMAN doesn't work very well. Just like ******* Herrick!
cheers guys, its not something I had come across before and didnt want to give duff information

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