Discussion in 'RLC' started by dirtyradop, Jun 13, 2008.

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  1. Any one out there who has a copy of a decient CEI, would you be able to pm me it. thanx all.
  2. No wonder you are looking to plagiarise other peoples work and no doubt pass it off as your own to get a tick in the box for this years CR, when it's blatantly obvious you are lacking when it comes to written work - DECENT!

    Read a few more books and it might not be too difficult to put your own thoughts down on paper.
  3. Yeah, praper bed englund u buff, LOL, LOL, LOL
  4. Since a CEI is protectively marked, why on earth would you think that someone will risk their career sending you a copy via an insecure website?

    No RadOp in their right mind would request such a thing. You should consider re-trading to a job where you can do no further harm, such as dole queue occupant, and do it quickly before you use up perfectly good oxygen and rations that other good quality soldiers can use.
  5. Yeah, no Rad Op would do that! you really should consider a re-trade! :D dole queue is a bit strong though, i think you may still have something to offer, everyone deserves another chance! :p

    In Dirtys defence:

    He probably did mean to drop him a PM so as to get contact details from an individual willing to help him, not slate him, to enable him to use secure means at work, so get off his back knobheads! coz as it goes he is a quality soldier and hasn't replied because he doesn't waste perfectly good oxygen or rations rising to the like of you! but i will, and as it goes alot of you are probably alive or still walking today due to the work he's done in the past for force protection, unless your one of those malingering twats that dodge tours. must be hard being as perfect as yourselves, think before you condem, one day you may need help, may need to network, but your probably so far up yourselves you mistakenly think you will never have too. :x

    Your day will come, till then my friends. :wink:

    edited for spellin mistooks durring rant!
  6. BOWMAN SOP’s contain a sample copy of a recommended BOWMAN CEI. If you have access to DII (C) or (F) you can get them electronically. They probably won’t be perfect for your individual situation, however, they will provide a good guide

    Don’t think I broke any major OPSEC rules there :wink: