Bowman and where Radio Techs stand....

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by milano_chris, May 14, 2005.

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  1. It's going to happen, like it or not bowman is on the way and life for us Techs I fear will become very difficult.

    Systems techs should be OK as I see Ptarmigan staying in service for a while yet, but with the implementation of bowman, I as a radio tech am worried.

    I'm due to go on my class one soon, but no matter how much Blandford teaches me about Ptarmigan, I will at heart and from experience remain mostly on the radio side. Some of my mates are at units were bowman is installed but they tell me that all they can do is tell the operators "your batteries are shagged so get new ones" as the new kit uses to much power.

    On a visit I asked the SoinC personally what the future holds for the radio side, and the answer he gave me was well, unconvincing. Were not allowed to touch any of the kit due to civic contractors rites. So where do we stand? Jobless. Yes the army is an easy life but I would prefer doing something for a living.

    If somone is at a bowmanised unit and could enlighten me to what you guys do that would be great.
  2. Wouldn't worry too much mate, can you see some civvie contractor going over the Iranian border to look after the radios? As soon as we go on op tour/to war with it, contractors rights will go out of the window.
  3. Failing that you may want to heed MCM Div's advice and become a slop jockey before you become the new breed of cannon fodder.

    Good at digging in?
  4. I asked MCM div this a while back, being a radio tech myself, and the answer is they don't know because the MOD haven't told them what full repair plan is for BOWMAN.

    So the answer is wait out
  5. At a bowmanised unit at the mo, in uk we werent even alloud to touch the cables, however on tour with it now, and looks to be a diff story, although not official yet, cannot afford to wait around for civvys to get off arse to fix kit (they haven't even come out yet). Lot of back loading of kit but we are given more space than in uk.
  6. You can always fix cougar. Like has been said, on Ops no civvie will fix it, you'll have to!!!

    If you don't have a job to do in unit, do what I do. Bang in for shed loads of courses!!!

    That's why the box on my CR for spec quals has just reached breaking point!!!!
  7. As an Ex radio tech, force packaged as a Sys Eng Tech, then did the FofS Course, seeing yourself as Ex Radio tech isn't going to get you far. Sorry mate, spend less time worrying about what to do with your old skill set, and develop new ones. A Tech is a Tech is a Tech. I have spent 4 years out of the 10 pre FofS in a Radio tech employment, and as a result feel I am a better all round tech for it.

    As Chocolate Frog says, get the courses in!

  9. cbcj3110

    is that it? Just a quote?

    There are tons of courses to do. Satcom, fibre, muxs, meridian to name but a few. Rigging is also available.

    Don't sit on your arrse. Be a radio tech, brainier that sys tech!, and be proactive about working.
  10. 8O

    Maybe he's stalking me?

  11. Become a pigeon has any faith in bowman and pigeons can't talk! If you don't like birds (lets face it your sigs, compared to you lot even slime are macho) then bows and arrows or smoke are to be considered a useful alternative. :wink:
  12. Don't make me learn ptarmigan it's big blue and scary :wink:
  13. I take it back, we are in effect useless, the kit u/s gets backloaded, new kit comes in, the sad truth, we are basically clarks who fill in IR forms, advice from my FofS, Re-trade.
  14. Retrade to what? What other trade will give you a similar challenge?
  15. Love and embrace Ptarmigan it's big blue and GREAT :lol:

    Obviously sound advice there given to only the top candidates in the trade group. I was told to get a good score in my entrance and get on my course by my FofS when i asked about my future prospects.

    So i did :roll: