BOWMAN and the TA - Can it work?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Oct 12, 2007.

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  1. No FALCON, limited BOWMAN

    Why? Its too complicated for the TA, its needed for Ops, etc.

    but thats not entirely true, some units will get the full shebang but ..... I don't think they can cope with it. The aren't getting the radio's most of us are getting, they are getting the networking bits and also the BOWMAN intranet stuff .... it doesn't stop their they are getting the applications aswell ... plus satellite and other bits to link back to the UK......

    Wow, which TA RSigs unit is getting all this .......... well thats the problem they aren't, the RLC (/reg Sigs?) are getting it.
  2. The only drama's is when you attend Grantham for the BOWMAN training, the jump up noshers there giving it rock all " it's our mess, you can't use the gym if a TA bloke is using it" etc. Thats where the bad vibes stem and continue to cause resentment towards the TA. nothing wrong with the kit, just the bloke that reside at the camp.
  3. Yes it can work just came off a training weekend ran by my unit BOWMAN will take abit to get used to and fully understand but its not that hard would be good to get the batts for it so we could get started haha.
  4. The only reason it won't work is shortage of kit.

    We're at the back of a long list. I've got a funny feeling the ACF will have it before us.

    But then i'm a cynical barsteward at best.

  5. well now you are talking poo becuase my unit isnt the 6 hf radios we have are being taken off us(not that we have any batterys)we are not getting a stores bomb or any udt's and when the FFR we have get bowmanised they are being done for VHF fit(for a transport regt ffs) all we are going to have in our stores is all the bits out of the drops for the bowman fit and most of our clansman kit we have had to back load now as well so we will be able to talk to no one
  6. Soz didn't meant imply loggie units would get a full issue.... you have signallers elsewhere

    Next you'll be telling me about National Comms units havig short range VHF only
  7. Funny that, only rumour has it that IF, i say again, IF we get Bowmanised then its likely to be VHF.

    Does that fit with the NC role... probably not. Is that my problem/do i care... no.

    I'd just appreciate the new kit thank you very much!

  8. The Bowman HF/VHF system is potentally good kit that will only get used to the best of it's capablity once the army, as a whole, gets a chance to play with it, instead of having deployed units learn to use a complex system out of the box. Some of the best features are/were still not be used this summer, which could have helped with maintaining comms.

    The Bowman data net "looks" to be a bag of bollacks strung together on a fag packet. If I'd suggested buying such a system to a civilian firm, I'd be looking for a new job.
  9. Erm, DII also has other variants such as DII(FD) and DII(ID)R ... yep more complexity!! :D :D
  10. It is proposed that all TAunits will convert at VHF light level and Defender 110's will be fitted with a 'Clip In'. Only when a TA soldier is deployed will He/She be converted to the relevant HF/VHF course. a shortage of HF and skill fade are major factors for this.
  11. Unless of course the TA unit already has Bowman, and needs HF and not VHF, so the Bowman fitters refit the FFRs with the oppersite set up to normal. Ie 2 HF and 1 VHF and then find out that it doesnt work and the operators are getting rf burns. And the set up keeps on tripping out...due to the fact of "HF antennas must be 5 meters apart" except of course the 2 mounted on the FFR!

    Then there is the battery charging problem, how do you charge the amount of batterys needed when A the didnt fit enough chargers in the FFRs and B you are no where near an FFR when you need a batt. And there are only so many you can carry (not due to weight this time, but due to the fact that they only issue 4 batts per HF set and the bloody thing needs 2 at a time!) So you beg borrow and steal enough for an exercise and then as the kit isnt really yours the YoS has a shit fit when he realises how many batts you need/want and what you plan to do with them and how you plan to carry them!

    So they issue you with the 'Charger - Portable'!!!

    Well that is a lie, it isnt fekkin portable! It is almost the size of the bergan! A great looking peice of yank kit that can only be used by vehicle bourn troops as it is so heavey and noisy it is mad!

    Bring back the 319, all is forgiven!
  12. It has bee a bit scrappy for us. All our vehicles have been Bowmanised and We are supposed to have both HF and VHF kit but as yet I haven't seen any radios although the Sqn did run a Bowman course on camp this year
  13. I can see the point of that but its based on past ways of working. VP/Message Handling are to an extent out of date. The corps you support will shortly be using telephone/email/IS systems as their primary mode of communication when deployed, gawd knows how your Dvr Ops fit into that.
  14. I'd be interested to know which the regiments are that have got bowman, it seems the Signals are going to be the last !
  15. Seeing as 38 Sigs in your area/Bde were meant to be delivering the BOWMAN training, I don't think they will be the last but....