BOWMAN -Adv Sig (Sys) Course

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Nishka, Apr 19, 2007.

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  1. Has anyone done the BOWMAN - Advanced Signals (Systems) course? If so can you give me a heads up on it? I understand that it is an 18 day course run Monday to Fridays.

    Also if anyone has information on the BOWMAN Signals Instructors Course as well.

    Does anyone have the dates of both of these courses?


    Nishka :?
  2. I've heard they are being run at several locations (its a Computer Based Training so no hands on), I'll ask next Tuesday unless I can't get in.

    I'm not so sure its worth attending, one of our Sgts (in Iraq) picked it up without any training and ended up instructing on it. I'm tempted to wait for the better thought out training just around the corner (when I don't know)
  3. If you are already RSI qualified it is indeed just a computer based course, if run by westlands, however the Advanced Signaller Systems course has taken over from where the RSI course left off...

    I'm unsure of the qualification requirement for the TA... I can find out if you so wish...PM me
  4. Marky PM sent

    I am already RSI and so thats why I was pinged!

    It seems a long course (18 days, over 3.5 weeks) if it is easy to just 'pick up' what do they do for 18 days lol?

  5. Replied....

  6. Plans to offer the full spread of BOWMAN qualifications to TA personnel have now been shelved. All that is now available is an operator's course (6 days) and for those who need to instruct this course at sub -unit level, a 5 day course teaching you how to use the electronic classroom. This latter course is not Adv Sig (Sys)/RSI.

    Reasons behind this are cost, avaiability of TA personnel to attend long courses and that TA units are only getting very basic BOWMAN fits.
  7. I forgot to say that those personnel attending the basic course also have to have a previous signals qual in CLANSMAN.

  8. cheers thats the most info I've seen on TA and BOWMAN

    Guess thats the plan, pity its deeply flawed
  9. That being the case I wonder why my TA unit are sending me on the 3 week Adv Sig (Sys)/RSI course then?

  10. Because they want you out of the way?

    Mad thing is that any soldiers who are mobilised will have to do further Bowman training to make them of any use, and that's not even happening properly right now. Imagine what it will be like when we're perceived to have done Bowman training - "you'll learn the rest of it in theatre"...
  11. you may have a very valid point there TA_Sig :cry:

    *Thinks back to who he has upset.... perhaps easier to think of who he hasn't*

    My unit are being BOWMANised later this year so maybe that has something to do with it?

  12. YOURE ALL WRONG !!! :) ok Adv sig SYS , is for scaley people , Adv sig is your normal dare I say B1 bowman Cse , covers most of what you need including the new secure stuff , Bowman inst . is a 5 day course which mainly cover how to use the Bowman instruction system , plus a load of T.P´s , why I know COS I´VE DONE EM , Ha Ha , 412 Troop ( v) c3s sect , 28 Engr´s , rule again !
  13. Your Signals trained PSI should be the one who attends the BSM cse (38 days) or the Adv Sig (Sys) cse (18 days) and BSI cse (5 days). Normally the only cse available is the Adv Sig TA cse(15 days) again this is due to the time constraints.

    However when BCIP 5 comes in we all have to do it all again.
  14. For regulars maybe but not TA Scaleys. The amount of BOWMAN varies a great deal from corps to corps and even regiments.

    Most scaleys will just get a BOWMAN man pack radio and nothing more, so their is no need to waste your time learning the extra stuff.

    I'm not sure what infantry will get but because Bde Sigs Sqns are not getting much BOWMAN, one would assume neither will the infantry get any BISA (the applications that run over BOWMAN) or other data accessories (BNAU etc).

    When TA say the have BOWMAN its more than likely they have a small subset of it. The main TA units getting BOWMAN proper are medics, as they are in the only proper deployable TA bde
  15. Ha Ha, left the regs in 1992 , now a proud member of the T. a. in Germany , yes we are not a myth ! and Did my courses last year with the regs , now as a T. A. soldier teach the regs Bowman , hows that for a cool number !