Bowler hats with Red Hackle ?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by semper, Jul 9, 2007.

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  1. while walking down Portobello Market, popped into an Army and Navy stall, saw a Bowler Hat with a red hackle and has fittings for it.

    is there a British Regiment that uses Bowler hats as part of their Regimental accountrements ? I know some Regiments have some funny practices, this has to be very unusal, the guy running the stall doesn't know anything, not surprising really.
  2. Queen's Own Tea Connoisseurs?
  3. You should have bought it Walter. It would have went quite well with your 'cadets' uniform. You are in the cadets aren't you?
  4. Maybe it's for the English Ex officers of the Black watch to wear on rememberance Sunday?
  5. It sounds like an item that might have been worn by a Victorian/Edwardian coachman or postillion as part of their livery.
  6. Thanks Galgenberg
    that sounds like the most likely answer, what is it doing in Army and Navy stall I wonder, probably more due to the stall holders lack of Military knowledge.
  7. Could be Norwegian. I went to Oslo a few weeks back, and the guards around the Oslo barracks had Bowler hats with red hackle's in.

  8. Could be cavalry.

    Apparently they have an annual event called Cavalry day in which they all dress in suits, carried furled brollies and wear bowlers.

    I don't know about the hackle though. Are there any cavalry out there who could clarify?

    SLR (Not to be confused with SLR Boy)
  9. You're in the cadets aren't you?
  10. It's mine. Be a good boy Semper, pop back and ask your Dad if I can have it back.
  11. Didn't Prince William and Prince Harry wear bowler hats recently, I think it was something to do wit the Combined Cavalry Old Comrades' Association.

    The papers at the time reported it was a tradition of officers to wear black bowler hats and carry umbrellas and dated back as far as the First World War.

    Couldn't find out any more than that, I'm afraid.
  12. Haven't you ever seen Black Watch No.23 dress (Civvy Dress)? They're not called the Highland Guards for nothing, you know.
  13. Officers of the household division have an off duty undress which includes a bowler hat and a furled umbrella and they do not use public transport - hence the need for a brolly!!

    I am sure the butler could answer more questions..... Cadet_Semper
  14. Thanks to the all the above answers so far, it is getting interesting I am surprised about the Cavalry but then I guess it figures with the "Old Boys Stuff" stuff etc existing in the regiment.

    :D I must be the oldest cadet on the block at 39 :p