Bowler Hat for sale

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by Baz44, Feb 1, 2007.

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  1. Gentlemen

    I have a Dunn & Co Black felt Bowler Hat size 55cm - a beautiful item just miffed it does not fit! Black with leather band and silk red lining a fine example boxed and in excellent condition. Whilst it does have some sentimental value it does not fit me and thus needs to go to a good home.

    It says inside apart from makers marks that its a Long Oval.

    Would look great in the City or on those Parades in Civilian Suit with the pin stripe and rolled umberella. Of course can also be worn upon your trusted steed at the local horse trials.

    PM me if you want pictures or futher details looking for an offer of around £25 plus posrage seems about the going rate on Ebay

  2. Hi

    This is a long shot because you probably sold your bowler hat over two years ago...but if you still have it I'd be very interested. My son's friend trod on and cracked my friend's grandfather's Dunn & Co bowler (red lining, like yours) and apparently these things can't be repaired.

    I don't suppose you are still looking for a good home for your hat?


  3. Try looking at
    Although f course I would suggest that..
    Very good for Vintage clobber.. and Bowlers

  4. Welcome to arrse Sir Royston! :wink:
    Please also note this thread: Dapper Clothing
  5. Thanks very much for your replies, FogeyUnlimited and para_medic. I will keep an eye on those websites in the hope that something comes along. In case it does on a day I'm not checking, Baz44's hat sounds exactly the thing, including the red lining. The leather band on the one we have is tan colour, incidentally, as perhaps they all used to be. I don't think the size is crucial - hopefully the owner's grandson won't remember that detail, which was 7 and one eighth according to the label. The daughter will probably remember, though, and she's the scary one.

    Any other suggestions in the meantime would be welcome.

    Thanks again.

  6. Hi Smackdown

    Sorry - Bowler Hat went to a nice home but only last year! They can usually be found though on E Bay so I am told.

    Good luck with your quest

  7. Hi Baz

    That's a real shame. Thanks for letting me know, though. I'm still searching.

    Thanks for your message again, para_medic. You and Baz are both advising e-Bay, which I'd looked on and then lost hope as there wasn't anything there. But I'm encouraged to keep on checking the site now. None of the other bowlers I've come across have the red lining, and then it has to be Dunn & Co, which is why yours was so perfect, Baz!

    I really appreciate all the replies and advice. It's got to be out there somewhere! Still not not told my friend yet and the show we'd borrowed it for was last night, so any day now...