Bowie at the V&A

Seen it twice, will go again...

I've been a major Bowie fan since I first heard "John, I'm only Dancing" about 96 years ago. First album I heard in stereo was Ziggy, etc.

Its a cracking exhibition that takes a good 90 minutes to wander round. Loads of his outfits; some of his instruments ( including the Koto that you can hear on Moss Garden, from Heroes.

Its spread over four rooms and at the end there is a very tall screen showing quite a bit of live stuff. You hear audio commentary on headphones that work on Bluetooth, so are appropriate to that which you are near. This does give the odd effect of loads of people wandering round in their own little bubbles...

I just love Mr. Bowie.

David Bowie is: About the Exhibition - Victoria and Albert Museum
I owe him. Woke up half way through his set STF and wandered across the stage. Wouldn't have been so bad if I wasn't supposed to be working there.
Got to see and meet the sex pistols though and hear Lydon suggest some one burn down the Guardian tent. Many tried that night. including Lydon.

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