Bovington Tankies Museum

I realise that there might be some tankies on this forum (equal oppertunities and all that) but does it p*ss anyone else off when going to Bovvey to see their smelly badge everywhere? Even the poor dummies are mostly cald in their peoples cavalry black crap and they have no choice. Concerned of a the real cavalry. :(
Just remember that the Boy Scouts were formed before the RTR. If you ain't Cav, You ain't.
I understand your concern. Thing is that the musuem depends on donations of kit and strangely enough, it is more difficult to obtain uniforms and combats tahn most things. So if you want to see more badges in the display, donate some combats or boots, head dress etc. The Curator is very wilco and always on the scrounge for 'individual' issue items. Can you believe that they have to purchase some of these items from surplus stores to make up displays.

Being accross the road from the Peoples Cav obviously has it's advantages.

You point is well made. would be great to see some items from other regts PRI stock for sale in the museum shop, although the actual PRI shop , just up the road does sell regt polo shirts, rugby shirts, regt badges and stable belts etc and might not see the value in it.

If you have any kit from recent ops that has Cav badges, give them a call.
Here, here tankieboy.....BIG UP THE M.I.B
We may not be cavalry, but we're obviously more trusted than they are as we were the first to use big willie (Hence the cap badge) and we were joint 1st to get CR2.....
Hey,Hey,Hey!!! Lets not allow this to become a mud slinging match :lol: :lol: :lol: . Pride has it´s place. Pride belongs to the Tankies (Real Tankies, there is only one type) the ones who fashioned Tank warfare. Back when was it? WWI, that´s it! Those daring young men who gave us small victories such as Cambrai. Where were you wallopers then? Obviously not following up to exploit the success of a huge hole in the German line.
Yet after constant annihalation at the hands of the RTR, you still insist you are better (for we are only peoples cavalry). Read up young men of the dashing cavalry. Do not quote histories of battles that you galloped in on "You are Tankies now", instead quote histories that you have fought TANKS in.

Fear Naught
The very very very very first item in any plan ( well nearly ) is the tank threat; so they get killed first.

Tommy cookers and all that stuff.
Just remember that the Boy Scouts were formed before the RTR. If you ain't Cav, You ain't.
Yeah but the Boy Scouts are led by adults.

Bugger me, 1000 posts and I STILL have yet to say anything..........
It won't be once the defence review lot have had em.

The only 1 & 2 will be DKP

Respirator Testing Regiment all present and correct Sir! :wink:
wolf1, I do not know which if any Corps you belong. I can speak of Tankies when I say " GET YOUR TOSSING FACT´S CORRECT!" 1 RTR may have officially been **cked over some years ago and maybe some TOSS CAV Regt should have filled the gap (Poor Peoples CAV Again) But read deeper Buffon, there will be no reduction of Her Majesties Finest Men In Black. Instead we hope to prosper on the next rounds of the dreaded cuts. We can prove again in 7 months on OPFOR that every single Cavalry Regt is
justifiably useless in all aspects that it attempts to achieve. Blame your officers, Officers blame your men!!!. Sorry wolf1 ( Weak Name, wolf lower case donating inferior and attempting to justify with the 1) you come across as a CAV SSM (Dreamer) When will your Senior Officers stop trying to save Regt´s Names?.Our history outlives you and our guile outwitts you.

Poor Cavalry

Fear Naught but DRAC´s Pen

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