Discussion in 'RAC' started by boro, Jun 15, 2007.

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  1. Just to let the thousands of you know that the Sandhurst Block is due for demolition this year....

    Does any one have any stories of the old days, sneaking birds in after the hop?
    Visiting the nurses before the BOSM came around.

    Alas it is all coming down, when I get some pics i will post them on
  2. Pity Hogart Block (think that is the correct name), or the "Hotel Hogwarts" as it is more affectionately known, is not meeting the same fate!
  3. The pain of lugging the bedding, including the mattress, around the maze of corridors on the Sunday afternoon prior to the 1st day of a course. I'am sure they alwys sent us to a room as far away as possible from the bedding store. Also coming back from on the lash in Bournemouth & recognising our room laid out on the square & not beliveing it until we got to our room & found it stripped bare.

    As for 'birds in the block', fcuk off, in our day they were nearly all A. 'Dykes' B. Used a trackpin to put on their make up. C. Fallen out of the ugly tree & been hit by a ugly bomb :p But there were always one on our course who had to sow his man fat into one, the noise kept us up all night :roll:

    Does 'Dr. Death' Burger Van still tip up for kicking out time :? We used to try & pay with a £50 note, which we knew he couldn't change, so he said pay us next time........did we fcuk :roll:
  4. The burger van is long gone. They traded up and have a kebab shop in Bovvy now. Good line in heart attack kit. Must try £50 trick...
  5. Yes, after doing a stint in bedding store, i can say that we did. I also made lots of money off guys on courses, who had an accident and needed a clean mattress, which helped pay for beer at the Hop
  6. Kind of a pity, crap accomodation but at least it had character. I suppose it will be replaced with some soul-less modern abomination.
  7. Scars - you thieving sod!!!!
    When I did my Sigs Instructors course I unloaded my 3rd cheek (having drunk about 14 pints of cider tooooo many) then - having chucked the sheets out the block window I found 'seepage' on the mattress - I paid a bedding store bloke a tenner for a fresh mattress on the QT!! A 5&9 - cracking fella laughed like drains we did. Apart from a B Schools grade I got a plinth with a 'mucky pup' araldited to it by way of a thanks for the laugh!!
    I'm actually glad that I wasn't the only one to cough up for a mattress. Then when I was Training NCO at the school I was teaching a TA course and there was this rather attractive young lady with HUGE pert wangers who needed a bit of homework one night..............another 10 quid - much better spent though!!! 8)
  8. What year was that???
  9. Im amazed they're still there as our accomodation block (which one is lost in the mists of time) was allegedly due for demolition when we were there. There was I, Trooper TM as duty student for the course CO's inspection. Just as the purple faced Troop Corporal advanced towards me from yet another imperfectly clean shower, he was halted by the CO announcing "God these are carp, why haven't they been demolished yet?"

    As for Hogart, "Hobart" surely after the RAC innovator.
  10. it was as we moved from Paderborn to Bovy/Lulworth - I went on ahead to do the course so, back end of 86 - I think.
  11. Oh after we left, just we had a 5&9s with us, he was awaiting leaving,great laugh, was demoted for punching an officer whilst pissed in the arms store, went woolwich to dry out or summat like that, though i was sure it was 3RTR who took over from us at Bovvy????
  12. So A3B you gave the bird with the pert wangers a lesson in geography then.....................................leaving a map of Africa and few other continents on your mattress!!! :wink:

    The 3rd took over as the RAC Centre (as it was called then) Regiment in 86!!! :D
  13. Oh well, wasnt the Third then. :) Pity was going to say thanks for the tenner
  14. They told us that it was a listed building and would stand/lean forever? I remember on some course or other we switched on the heating by means of the fan switch at the door. We then legged it out of the room as a cloud of bluebottles were blown out of the vent. Next question of course was what had died in the vent? The old place definitely had character.
  15. Lots of talk about Sandhurst block being listed..apparently not. The lot will be down by the end of the year. New cookhouse is already going up in the car park at the end near the old gym. Everyone said the Jolly Miller in Poole would be there forever it has been a River Island shop for at least 10 years now R.I.P.