Bovington grafitii

By the spelling I can go one better than the Dorset plod.

I'm pretty sure it's the RTR officers mess they should be focussing on. :)

Or is it a message from within the KRH, using the RTR as scapegoats? Spelling mistakes, 'luv', and signing off RTR?

As an aside the can operator seems pretty assured. Liked the detail on the exclamation mark.

wasn't it RTR and KRH who were involved in dildo-gate?
The DM is great for factual information. I'm a matelot and a submariner, but even I knew that RTR was quite possibly the Royal Tank Regiment!
I suspect it's another cav regt just laying the blame on the chav cav. Albertous Junior has been sent a message enquiring as much this very morning, by me I must add not as part of any investigation.


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I think the perpetrators will forever remain 'unknon'.
I wonder if the mentioned photos will ever surface.

Asking for a friend.
I bet it was Fnu Snu - his name always cropped up on reports...
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Secretsquirrel1605, you bet, United Kingdom, about 13 hours ago

I remember when a regiment was 650 men. I suppose it is the cuts and PC direction of the army.


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Send for Lieutenant Rupert T. Roderick

He has some explaining to do to the Adjutant.

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