Bovington contact details?

Discussion in 'RAC' started by ash_p, Nov 15, 2010.

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  1. Hi,
    I'm due to start phase 2 at Bovington shortly. I've got my rail tickets to get me there on the day, but was wondering if instead I could be dropped off at camp instead of at wool station by rail? If anyone has the number for the guard house, etc. I'd greatly appreciate it. Couldn't find it on google or here..!

  2. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

  3. Start as you mean to go on, take the train, run all the way up the hill with all your gear, 50 press ups outside the guardroom, in a loud voice "reporting for training sir" mega first impression made on the ex squaddie on the barrier eating pork pie and chips, he will then do his utmost to ensure that you are properly sorted.Welcome to the Corps.
  4. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    Boy Brats apparently used to get cosseted and got a lift up the hill. I fronted up at Bovy for the first time on my Control Signaller Course. No such luxury.

    It's a long walk up the hill with luggage for eight weeks when you're walking.

    Probably no help to you at all but I thought I'd share it anyway cos being a Sunderland supporter, it's a beautiful day and I am in a good mood. Or as my work instant messaging system would tell you if you could see it, "The Mackem is IN (... his wildest dreams)".

    (Only the bit in brackets is special for today, the rest is what it normally says.)

    Good luck and enjoy your career.
  5. Ahh, didn't know wool station was within walking distance. The hill it is then!
    Cheers for the info
  6. There is a taxi rank just outside the train staion and its about a fiver to get up there. Report to the guard room and you will be delt with from there. If you want you can also be dropped off buy someone to the guardroom but DO NOT bring your car as you are a Ph 2 soldier and you are not allowed to bring your car (if you have one) until you have gained permisson by your CoC which will be some time!
  7. Cracking user name.:)
  8. If I were to be dropped off at the guard room would I need to let them know beforehand that I won't be at the station to be picked up, etc? And can I turn up at camp before the time I need to report by?

  9. Yeah that really has taken a lot of thought, could it be a marker for the content of future posts? i really would look at re-branding !!!
  10. Take a look at a map with contours mate! it is a very nice walk from wool, but not recommended either with all your gear,or after a skinful down the pub.
  11. Ah roger.. Drop off at the gate sounds more practical then.
  12. If my old memory serves me right - It's about 3 miles from Wool to Bovi, Bastards only had a Lloyds bank when I was there and I was TSB (shows you how long ago) so I had to walk to Wool, get the train to Wareham just to get cash out!
    I agree with others - Iwouldn't walk it with your kit - Cough up and get a taxi! There will be Taxi's there as they are aware of young lads coming up to the camp. Besides, you'll be able to share anyway I'm sure.

    Word of advice - (Forget it if you're doing MBT) when driving CVR(T) through Pool and Weymouth, make sure you don't put your seat too far forward as to stop the tillers from coming back and steering properly. It might end up with you driving over the roundabout, instead of going around it - Doesn't impress you're driving instructor! Plus going over the level crossing in CVR(T) and turning right! - YOU CAN DO IT IN 5TH GEAR MASS REVS, STICK BACK AND GO FOR IT!