Bovington Camp water supply

Discussion in 'RAC' started by Stewthetank, Feb 4, 2011.

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  1. So stupid i come back from my CIS Course and find the shower block all taped up with a sign saying "do not use until further notice due to high levels of legionella" it seams this is in every Troops's shower in alamean and korea block. We have been using the showers daily so we might have already contracted the deadly legionaires disease who is to blame about this big f*@k up?
  2. In JHQ and Wildenrath we have been "living with Legionella" for well over a year now. It is essentially because of very old water supply systems. Roughly once a month the water system is flushed through with extremely hot water. It's a bit of a pain, but not difficult to live with.

  3. cheers mate just a lot of us are sick with the same symptoms so seams quite worrying its only our blocks affected slam is fine
  4. You know they are just cheapskate cnuts mate. Fkuk all ever gets done, all that ever happens is quick fix stuff, essentially a band aid. Then again over here its on the wind down, so you can sort of understand it. I would think that if enough of you have been to the med cen, then something should get done. But then again.......

    The current thinking here is to let all the hot water taps run as hot as poss for around five minutes once a week (showers as well), it seem to do the trick, cos no one has been ill here abouts. Hope it helps........

  5. ill try that dan its either that or march down the big hill out of camp to standly and take a shower in the gym
  6. ooo Upavon suffer with the ol Legionella too
  7. Trouble is that so many camps/stations/garrisons are old, and unfortunately not enough has been spent on basic infrastructure. It's only now that these problems are coming to light, so you can imagine that living quarter upgrades will come to a grinding halt whilst the powers that be find a way to pay for years of neglect.
  8. these are brand new blocks too only been open for a year or somthing prob built by the cheapest bidder at the cheapest price
  9. Fair one Stew, but the brand new blocks are attached to old utility supply pipes.
  10. You should speak to your chain of command. The only thing you succeed in doing by discussing this here is stirring up ill-informed opinion and giving some journalist who might be too lazy to check facts a story.
  11. CoC know they were the ones who closed it
  12. Legionella is in the mains water and in the environment as small clusters of bacteria. A problem only arises if it is allowed into tepid water systems where it can proliferate to hazardous levels AND atomized droplets are inhaled.

    The building manager, whoever that may be, is responsible for ensuring that doesn't happen. The control regime is simple; water from any hot water tap to be at 50degC within 60 seconds, hot water stored at 60 degC. cold water is never to be allowed to get above 20 degC. Records of water temperatures must be maintained. Details in the HSE's publication L8, Legionnaires' disease. The control of legionella bacteria in water systems, Approved Code of Practice and guidance. It sounds like routine monitoring has found excessive levels and something is being done about it; keep calm and carry on; the systems you should worry about are the minging ones that aren't monitored or adequately maintained. There are a lot of those in houses, but they're not covered by the H&S at Work legislation.

    Symptoms are like 'flu, but don't clear up quickly unless appropriate antibiotics are prescribed. It's a serious hazard to the elderly or those whose immune systems have been compromised by illness. That's why most of the early cases affected hospitals or American Legionnaires (US equivalent of RBL). Healthy young chaps like you shouldn't worry, much.
  13. When you die can i have your boots?
  14. sure if you want a year old wore out issued tissue