Bovingdon camp - washing up liquid flavoured roasties

Discussion in 'The Lamp and Sandbag II - The Tall Story Strikes B' started by oldcolt, Dec 4, 2009.

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  1. Highly unlikely that anyone remembers this I know but think back 20 years ago to Bovingdon camp. Were you ever disciplined or had to discipline anyone because of roast potatoes that tasted of washing up liquid?

    Just been speaking to a surveyor friend of mine (trying to get him to join the TA) and he recounted a story of how he was going to join the Coldstream or Grenadier Guards band and, as a 15 year old, attended Bovingdon camp for an assessment course (he thinks it was Easter time as the rugby competition was on).

    At the conclusion of the course, he was asked by a Sgt Hurd (a Hussar?) whether he was going to join up and what he thought of the food. My mate, being a good honest Cornish lad and thinking of his stomach, announced that he thought the spuds tasted of washing up liquid; to which the Sgt cringed and said he wished he hadnt said that in front of the senior officer present as an investigation would have to be held as to whether the cook house staff were carrying out correct proceedures.

    To this day Lee says he feels guilt that he may have got somone into trouble and also regret that his sole reason for NOT joining the band of the Coldstrea guards was the shitty taste of their roast potatoes :roll: :lol: He has aksed me, through Arrse to find out whether anything happened to anyone as a result of his brutal honesty and, also to offer a two decade old appology if it did. Can anyone recall this incident?
  2. Bovingdon or Bovington, Dorset?
  3. Bovington, Dorset :)
  4. I heard a rumour that a cook...........sorry chef, with a Chip on his shoulder was caught adding something by the Pealers and given a good Roasting!

    Hat.............coat! :D
  5. Sorry can't help on the spuds..... :(

    But mention of washing up liquid always reminds me of the fountain outside the Peninsula Hotel on Kowloon Side :rofl:

    Something like this....


    Hang on, soprano, I'll get my coat and join you. Shall we retire to the little wooden house for a brew perhaps?