Bovi Museum. RAC or RTR?

Discussion in 'RAC' started by Jumpmeister, Aug 14, 2008.

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  1. Just had the great pleasure of visiting the RAC Museum at Bovi, whilst on hols there.
    However, have I got it wrong, or is the 'slant' of the museum now just RTR? Hardly a mention of the Cav Regiments anywhere, but plenty of 'Mud, Blood and Green Fields' to be seen. Even the shop has RTR ties, plaques, and all the rest of the tourist stuff, but very little for the other Regiments. I asked a member of staff there about this, and he agreed that the emphasis of the museum was now being pointed towards the RTR alone.
    I'm not Tankie bashing here, but if this is truly a museum depicting the Armoured Corps of the British Army, then should it not be representative of all the Regiments that make up that Corps, few as they are now??
  2. Are there any horses there? No, then it is a TANK museum. And as such most of it´s history is with the "peoples cavalry" rather than the donkey wallopers.
  3. It was discussed here:-

    I think all the Cav Regt's have a Home HQ and I know quite a few have their very own museum! Bovvy is the spiritual home of the RTR and our HQ is there as well so that's why the place leans towards us!!! :D
  4. Since when was it called the RAC Museum? I thought it was called the Tank Museum. I agree with Soprano, we all have our own museums, this is the Tankies´. That´s fine in my book, as long as I´m not asked to pay for it.
  5. Do you always yak crap on serious subjects, or are you just having a bad day?? Your on the wrong site mate. "Peoples Cavalry" comes under the USSR heading.
  6. Don't rise Jumpmeister, it's theirs in name only. Let them enjoy their little connection. With so little history behind them they have to rely on the rest of us to fill it with stuff... :wink:

    Quis Separabit
    Vestigia Nulla Retrorsum
    Modrapheniacs - One Club Till Death
  7. Every single, bl00dy field surrounding the Tank Museum is full of horses. 8O
    If it's horses one wants to see, one won't be disappointed.
    More nags than you can poke a stick at!!!
  8. Yea, quite correct!! Anyway, whatever. It was nice to be re-united with my old Hornet again, (06 BK 66). Like meeting an old friend!! :D
  9. Don't forget Monkey world for the RMP's :roll:
    I was going to mention sheep........
  10. Just up the road isn´t it?
  11. That little connection dragged you lot kicking and screaming out of the stone age, maybe if we had so much history behind us we wouldn't get shafted so much! :x At least when we're told to do something we don't pull the 'Can't touch us we've been around for 350 years' bollox!!! :D Rant over.
  12. The Tank Museum charts the history of the tank and does not have a British Bias. Within the tank Museum is the RTR museum so is it really suprising to find an RTR bias when dealing with the British side of things? As for the shop? If you Donkey Wallopers don't like it, then get your Regtl associations to open up shops. or stalls at the Tank Museum to peddle your wears!
  13. Of course the Tank Museum has a British bias. The British invented the bloody thing, have more tanks & AFVs on show than from any other country, and we can all be proud of that.
    What I cant understand is this 'donkey walloper' thing. Does it rankle you that much that you havent got a history going back a few years?
    My original question was fair, non-biased, and of a general nature. Certainly not bitter and twisted.
    It must have suited you to be a GI with the kiddie-winkies at the JLR, as they dont answer back much.
  14. And your question has been answered. THe Tank Museum, IS bias to the RTR on the grounds that the Regiments own Museum is part of the Tank Museum. It has been a while since I last visited, I can´t remember which side is pushed more. Probably the Tank side to encourage people to visit, as "Regimental museum" doesn´t really stir the imagination at times.

    The other regiments of the RAC have their own regiments in the main.

    Incidently there is a very good museum just up the road, the Royal Signals, which has a good "history of comms" side. It covers many of the various communications systems used by the Army, even prior to the Corps´formation.

    This comparison isn´t cmpletely unrelated to the thread in question however.

    In WW1, there were lunatics who really didn´t realise the day of the cavalry was over. Post WW1, the Yeomanrys (mounted) and the Cavalry Regiments had a stark choice. Get on down with the RTR and their clanking, oily beasts or go to the wall.

    The RTR gave you a chance to survive to such grand old ages. For the TA Yeomanries, those that could Tank it, changed to other tasks. Hence the number of "Yeomary" Signal Squadrons in the Signals who insist of cutting about with their own stable belt and capbadges. Some even parade on the Lord Mayor show looking more like Lancers!!!

    Anyway, if you visit the Signals Museum, you get to see a full Line wagon complete with 4 mock horses.

  15. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    A year or two back DRAC sent round a begging letter to all RAC Regimental Associations to raise the funding for the rebuild. Since DRAC was a junior 15/19H subby when I was a lofty Lance Corporal. I AM personally paying monthly (and gift-aided) for the museum, so however much the chav cavs may not like it, the cavalry ARE funding the museum and try as they might, I fail to see how the RTR can just take the whole museum for themselves. ISTR it has always been the RAC Tank Museum, incorporating the RTR Museum.