Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Fishsoxs, Apr 5, 2007.

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  1. Going to Bournemouth over Easter and would like to know if there is anywhere to for a good night out? :?

    Anticipating the usual, but all welcome :lol:

  2. FYEO

    For your eyes only.......pure filth.
  3. Strong shout that man I'll second that!!
  4. FYEO - Sooooooo last year you boring old farts! Get yourself to 'Wiggle' on Old Christchurch Road and when it shuts, all the tarts, er sorry, 'dancers' go to a dive called Camel (it's the place that stays open the latest 6.30 a.m.) just across the road from it, and if you make the right impression on the 'dancers, you might even get a sh@g out of them in Camel!
  5. FYEO - last year? I remember when it was Jezebelle's, lurvely.

    There's a very good Thai restaurant in the Studland Dene Hotel in Alum Chine. Excellent Ringwood pub (can't remember the name) in Westbourne Villlage. They'll probably be having a firework display off the beaches at Easter - always draws the talent down the promenade. And if you take in an evening stroll from the Town Centre to the David Lloyd gym, don't stray north of the rhumb line - there be prozzies!
  6. Camel's for all the camel toed birds with a beautiful shaven hoof. I'm up for that.

    BT. :D
  7. Elements, Walkabout, Wiggle, Dusk til Dawn, Klute, Jimmys, Litten Tree, The Consortium, The Opera House (if you want to travel a bit), Spearmint Rhino's, FYEO (although how Prae would know I haven't a clue, him not being old enough and all).

    There are clubs for every taste and every wallet in Bournemouth
  8. FYEO is now 'all nude'


    Berlin's - now that was a proper club: sticky carpets; cheap booze; a heady mixture of young tartage and game old birds....and music so cheesey, it would make a Parisian gag. :eek:
  9. And the Thunderwall! You forgot the fcuking Thunderwall!!! Courses at Bovie and nights in Berlins!!!
  10. There's a new club called CENSO in hinton rd suppose to be quite good!
  11. Thats not new and its not good
  12. Not been there yet i heard from mates it's ok. :)
  13. Change ure class of mate gizmodnd - Oooops sorry I'm one of them eh.

    BT. :wink:
  14. Don't the locals still throw stones at the moon in Bournemouth?
  15. No idea, I'm not classed as a local