Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by carpetsfm7sr94champs, Jul 25, 2006.

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  1. On a pi55 up tonight (Bournemouth). where would you lot recomend, preferably dirty drinking holes. Thankyou please.
  2. Jumping Jaks or for the more discerning FYEO
  3. FYEO...... :hump:
  4. walkabouts is a good place to start, lots of room for a big crowd.
    Never remember the nightclubs though.
  5. Spats or the Boscombe Academy if they are still open.
  6. Walkabout is shut isn't it. They couldn't control their crowds and there was alwasy fights so they couldn't renew their licences.
  7. Walkies is still open - my son works there on Wednesday evenings!
  8. Walkabout re-opened within a few weeks of closing. They had to change all their management and security to get a licence.

    Bar Med is okay, and elements is not bad depending upon which night you hit it. Yates, FYEO all in the same area so you get a good choice and just stay in where you feel the atmosphere is okay.