Bournemouth, Poole & District branch RTR Association

Discussion in 'RAC' started by aghart, Jan 10, 2006.

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  1. The branch meets 1st Tuesday of each month at 8pm (except Jan & Aug) at the ex servicemens club North Road Parkstone (Poole). Average attendence is about 15 people. With the very high levels of ex RTR people in the area it really should be a bit more.

    Regular guest Speakers attend to keep the meetings varied and interesting, oh yes the beer is a lot cheaper than in the pub!!

    Recent Guest Speakers include, OC A Sqn 1 RTR (Warminster), Capt Livingstone 1 RTR (RAF Honnington). RSMI of the RAC Signal School, Maj Davies DRAC Centre on the future of the RAC. We even had the curator of the Tank museum telling us of the expansion of the museum with the aid of a lottery grant. That paricular night we were given some news that will shake every ex JLR to the core!!!. "Herman the German" is a myth!!!. No corpse was ever found in a Panzer at the museum, Para normal investgators have done whatever Para normal investigators do and no evidence of a "ghost" has ever been found.

    Well I for one don't believe a word of it!! Herman lives ok!! and generations of ex JLR's believe as well.

    If anyone wants anymore info then send me a PM.

    A few beers once a month with ex tankies, how about it?
  2. Aghart,all JLR´s knew that Hermann the German,was a myth;It was a mad Tankie,terminally deranged because they wouldn´t let him join the Cavalry.

    You must have heard him,Clanky Clanky,I´m a Tankie...ooooooooooohhhhhhh.....oooooooooohhhhhh......nnnoooooooooooo,

    Sorry couldn´t resist it!!!!!

    Best of luck to your meetings;Why not invite all RAC,ex and serving, in the area,that would make it more interesting,not just Tankie,probably sell more beer too?

    Midnight,...........ex QuuuuuuuDeeeeeeeGeeeeeeee!innit.
  3. We do have 2 or 3 ex cav in our membership because there are no regimental associations close by. However we are the RTR Association not the RAC Association and so it would be inappropriate to allow a mass influx of "donkey wallopers" not least because after all there are standards to be maintained!!!!

    All branches are having difficulty recruiting "younger" members which is why I have started this thread. If your on this site then you can't be totally "anti", so if your in the Poole/Bournemouth area why not consider coming down with one or two other ex tankies that you know just to have a look and see what you think?
  4. Thanks for the offer,I´m afraid I rarely get back to the UK.Remember some great times in Fally,my room mate had a brother in 3RTR,Taff H*ll***ll.,so we´d jump on my motorbike,nearly crash on the range road from Hohne,and get well p*ssed.

    Funnily enough I met up with him again in ´82,in Oberammergau at the NATO School,resulting in a memorable day!

    Wish you luck for your meetings,

  5. Your room mates brother was a gunnery instructor with me at JLR in 1985. We were the only 2 PS Sgts with 35 JLR's on their Pass off pissup in London which included a show at Paul Raymonds review bar. We even brought 35 back with us as well.
  6. RTR Association

    Anything like this in Kent?
  7. Second Friday of each month 8pm at RAFA Club opposite the recruiting office , Dock Road, Chatham. tel 01634 263099

    The RTR Association is in dire straights, retiring soldiers of all ranks are deciding not to join the association and membership is falling. most members are WWII veterans. All that is needed is for younger members (1960,s70s, 80s,90s, to join in groups and the problem would be solved. at the moment individuals are going to meetings, finding only the old and bold from years ago and decidiing not to go again. Now just imagine if you and 3 other ex members of 2 RTR who you had known in the regiment joined together? a few pints with former collegues would be brill yes? it would snowball and things would be good.

    People cannot be forced to join the association but looking from the inside out I can see branches closing and the younger ex tankies finding no branches to join when they finally realise that they really do want to "still belong". I am making it my mission to ensure that my branch not only survives but prospers. Only time will tell if I am succesfull. If you are an ex tankie then find others in your area who you served with, join the association together and "take over" the branch and take it forward.
  8. A Branch has just opened in Dover, will give more details when available
  9. There is the Medway Branch, they meet the second fri of each month, 2000 hrs, at RAFA Club opposite the Recruiting office, Dock Rd, Chatham.
  10. Aghart
    I am an association member, or at least the little blue card I was given prior to leaving the 3rd in 90 say's I am. But, I live in Runcorn, Cheshire, god, I miss the Westcountry, woe is me all the Legions are full of Grunts or Wallopers, is there an association branch in the Mersey/Warrington area?
  11. The Merseyside Branch meets last Monday of each month 1,30pm Aintree Royal British Legion, Graham Hall, Ormskirk Road. Aintree ,Liverpool L30 BRA
  12. Can I bring myself to go to Chatham the home of the Chav.

    Doubt it.
  13. The July meeting was a busy and enjoyable meeting with lots going on. The Bovington branch has now closed due to falling membership which has resulted in at least 3 new members for The Bournemouth & Poole Branch. It will be proposed at the next meeting that we be re-titled and become the "County of Dorset " branch of the Assn due to us now being the only branch in the county. It of course has to voted through but I think it will happen.

    Also due to be proposed next month will be K**n C******n taking over as treasurer with me becoming secretary. The current Secretary C****a Cl***e is likely to be voted in as welfare officer.

    Our guest Speaker was Lt Col (retd) Nigel Lewis

    Nigel's talk was very well received and enjoyed by all. He gave a run down on the electronic communication systems being developed for all three services costing approx £3.5 Billion.

    One system called JPA is likely to have most Sqn and Regt'l clerks looking over their shoulders. This system will allow all ranks to apply for leave, courses, and make claims by computer making everything quicker and simpler. There will of course be a random checking process so fraudulant claims can still be a swift route to Colchester!!.

    Over the next 9 years Tidworth/Bulford & Aldershot Garrisons are going to completly rebuilt with the old Victorian barracks going forever. Together with this rebuild a complete catering/cleaning/maintenence contract of 35 years will see it all civilianised. Military Chef's will be involved in the catering side with them being "loaned" as part of the contract. Nigel explained that this has two benefits, 1, they will gain experience in civilian catering and service area's which will help them when they leave the army. 2 It will also help with retention!! If civilian chefs did it all in the UK army chefs finding themselves rotating between Iraq, Afghanistan & The Falkland Islands on operational tours with no chance of a "cushy" posting every now and then might decide to vote on this with their feet!!!

    The cost of this ambitious rebuild and contracting out scheme is £12Billion over the 35 year term.

    2 RTR are due to move into their new barracks in Tidworth in July 07, the barracks dont exist yet and the first brick has not even been laid but all these new barracks are going to be built in "modules" so that once the foundations have been laid they will go up quicker than a Lego set!!.
    2 RTR will move next door to KRH and are likely to share the same messing facilities such as cookhouse ect. They are likely to share some tank hangers as well. All the new barracks will be identical or very similar with one in built problem which Nigel has already identified. The "messes" are going to be far too small to handle to silver & other treasures that many regt's have. It might be a bit of a squeeze to fit everyone in on a dinner night for example but it is all going ahead.

    It is planned that the new barracks will get new names, especially in Tidworth where many are named after locations in Afghanistan ie Kandahar Bks, as you would expect the decision on new names is (at senior level anyway) apparantly more important than any other aspect of this barrack rebuild.

    Just one fly in the ointment for 2 RTR however, just as they are supposed to be taking over their new home, they might find themselves in Iraq on Telec 10. Lots of volunteers for the rear party I think.

    There was a real buzz last night because it appears that at long last things are on the up for our branch, nobody is leaving anymore, new members are joining (albeit very slowly) and the death of the Bovington branch although sad means no more divided loyalties, and only one destination for former tankies wanting to come home.

    No meeting in August, so the first Tuesday in Sept is already pencilled in.

    So all you ex RTR in Dorset, why not dip your toe in the water and come down to check the RTR Association out?
  14. Thank you for the update.
  15. I heard this branch was for the refugee`s from Songat any truth in the rumour?