Bountys Yet again!

Sorry mate, your the first bite I've had with that line.
No not got bounty yet and don't know anyone who has, bounty usually hits the bank around the 10th or 14th of april, however that depends on when yours was signed off

If you only completed all the itd's for this year in march then it may be later
you mean you're not doing this for the love of it!!!
It seems that now instead of the Bounty going in on 1st April it'll go in between 10th & 14th April, if it does'nt get onto your PSAO or unit pay office .
here's a question that needs clearing up. I was a group B OCdt and then commissioned as a group B 2lt, I then transfered to the Group A and have been so for the last year. I was told that I would acrue bounty seniority and will therefore receive a fourth year bounty this year, this has also been the case for others in my situation. A friend who is with 4PARA (and we know how great their admin is) should be on a second year bounty by the same logic but has been told he will only recieve first year. What are the rules?
you should get seniority. i went from otc into gp A and my seniority carried. however due to a shiv psao i am still down £1400 from the year that i transferred. however, i got full whack last year.
Same as, had the old course in lieu of camp senario to contend with but it appears the bounty has landed! :lol: :lol:

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