I want to know if I can get my bounty for this training year.

I've passed all my ITDs no problems. I've also done 35 MTDs thus far but the problem is all are out-of-camp (weekends and drill nights and so forth).

I started a job in August and the cnuts won't give me any leave until I've been in six months - which takes me over the training year deadline because the timings for the course I need to do don't fit in. I'm not keen to extend since this will eat into my other training year. So can I still put forward an argument for still getting Bounty? I've done the tests and done over the 27 days (still should have another 3 weekends at least before end of training year)? Or is it a case of tough shit, start creating merry hell at work for the time off? The money would be very helpful.
Looking at it briefly, I'd say the only option you have, is to extend your training year Copper.

Either that, or throw a sickie :D
I'm fairly certain you need a minimum of 8 days In-Camp PLUS CO's approval for Short Camp Commitment. I think you can apply for extended Tng Yr for 1 month after that it goes to District. Yes it will reduce your next Tng Yr to 11 (10) months but you'll be more than 6 months into your job so shouldn't be a problem?
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