Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Mattybouy, Feb 25, 2008.

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  1. Does anyone know when the bounty money will go in?

    Is it going to be at the begining of May due to the way JPA pays us now, or during April as normal??
  2. pick a month
  3. We’ve been told 1st of May at the earliest
  4. Any month or year
  5. The first date to build your hopes up for is 1st of May. But to balance the ying and yang thing, March's pay won't be in the bank until July.
  6. We've been told that it will not be until the middle of April at the earliest. But then again with how things went last year some of my guys were still picking it up well into June.
  7. Ye we have been told 1st May this year. Mind you I only got told that this morning so its probably changed by now.....
  8. Our RAO was in last night, for a brief on JPA etc he said he would be processing the bounty around 27th March..... He didn't say when it would be paid, I guess it depends on how good your RAO is at getting it sorted
  9. CoEs for the Training Year 07/08 are to be input by 31 Mar 08 to ensure that the Bounty Payment is made in the April 08 Payroll due in bank accounts on 1 May 08.

    Thats what I was sent via email.
  10. So at least a month late already, good start.
  11. If you resign from the TA do you still receive your bounty (if qualified), or are you better to stay in until the money is in the bank?

  12. try it and find out!! once out the door they'll no doubt forget about you as you wont be there to hassle them
  13. FFBox,

    Well now you've called my bluff!!
    Leaving is just one option that I'm considering as my TA mojo has got south. I think I'll wait until the bounty is secure and take it from there.
  14. Why the May rumours?? Surely with the all flashy proven JPA pay should be on April 1st.
  15. Try summat different, transfer units come to us at the RTC that'll get your mojo back, there is an end result.