We were told to expect our Bounty payment on 10/4 this year - but surprisingly, due to JPA, nada - anyone got a scoobie when it is likely to go in?


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I got told today, but supprise supprise nothing! Some of us soap dodgers need to get paid :(
I have just checked my bank and nothing, not even pay!


Well I was told the 15th. I am sure these dates get plucked out of the air. Ho hum. 8O

Let's just see who gets theirs first?


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JPA (allegedly) goes live on the 14th April - which is a Saturday, so likely tomorrow or Monday - then there'll be issues and screw-ups to deal with.

You'll either be one of the lucky ones and get it next week, or like the rest of us, wait until the back-log of pay issued is resolved. Shouldn't count on it anyway, and it'll always be a nice surprise when it does come in.


Couldn't care less....

(have not been paid since Oct 06, thanks to other peoples errors, so am not going to get excited ...)
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