Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by tank_6275, Mar 18, 2007.

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  1. tank_6275

    tank_6275 Old-Salt

    just a quick one can anyone confirm what first year bounty is?
  2. polar69

    polar69 LE

    milk chocolate
  3. tank_6275

    tank_6275 Old-Salt

    ne1 fancy a proper response
  4. ...and coconut. The taste of paradise.

    Last years rate was £382 so expect about ten quid or so extra. May even be just over £400!
  5. tank_6275

    tank_6275 Old-Salt

    nice1 cheers
  6. msr

    msr LE

  7. polar69

    polar69 LE

    Hence the sarcastic reply
  8. ten501uk

    ten501uk Old-Salt

    and dont expext it at all soon,have to thank jpa for that.sometime around december should be about right.
  9. a-storeman

    a-storeman Crow

    should be a kit kat for the first year
  10. GOC2Div

    GOC2Div Clanker

    Bounty in the first year?

    No wonder we don't have any money. It should be a loyalty reward not a 'turn up' reward.
  11. Dark Chocolate......?
  12. tank_6275

    tank_6275 Old-Salt

    well if its about loyalty i would have done many more days at the sqn if they hadnt been taken up by the SC06. the days spend on sc06 were taken from my days which apparently shouldnt have happened and therefore i would have been up at ta a lot more often
  13. NINJA69

    NINJA69 Old-Salt

    Been Told that the Bounty should go in around the normal pay day but last months pay will be in at the end of the month.
    would this happen on civi street? how much interest will that make the MOD while it sits in their bank.
  14. Friendly_Fire

    Friendly_Fire War Hero

    Worse happens with NHS pay.

    I'm still being charged for parking at a hospital I no longer work at for a parking permit that expired in October 2006. I'm still waiting for authorisation to claim expenses that were incurred in September 2006, let alone the actual payment of them. It's been so long now, I think I've lost the receipts.

    Glasgow is probably the better organised of my two employers...

  15. NINJA69

    NINJA69 Old-Salt

    I think you should think before you write, we will have to pay parking on the next drill night now that you have planted a seed.