Any clarification on this would be gratefully received.

I left the TA for 10 months. The last bounty I got was in April 05 and it was a full bounty. I rejoined the TA at the end of 2005, too late to qualify for my bounty for that training year. Since rejoining I've had alot of administrative problems. I've only recently regained my trained soldier status and am still waiting for my rank and trade pay to be reinstated. I've now been told theres a problem with my bounty. I've got my COs Certificate of Efficiency but on my bounty payment I've got £0 next to my name. I'm told that if I do get a bounty it will be a first year bounty.

I'm certain that I am entitled to a full bounty. Can anyone confirm this and tell me how I can go about ensuring that I get it.
Thanks for any help.
Just pop down to the local newsagents and buy all the Bounty's you need. Failing that, if you can't get a full bounty, cut it in half and leave one half on the shelf!!
Paysheet, try posting this in the RHQ thread as well, you might get a better answer.
As you asked sooo nicely lol, here is the following information:

TA Regs, Chap 7, para 7.063 - Reckonable service. this states quite clearly that as long as there is NOT a break of more than 3 years service you are entitled to receive your next qualifying Bounty at the rate you were last paid (or the next rate up if less than 5+).

Good luck and don't let the s**ts tell you different - £1,506.00 is a lot of money to lose!!
Thanks layerwhite.

It is a big sum like you say and something I've been looking forward to and can't afford to lose.

I've done internet searches etc to get a definitive answer.

Now I can go back and quote TA regs to them.

Cheers for your help
angular said:
paysheet said:
Now I can go back and quote TA regs to them.
Oh, I'm sure they'll love that :thumright:
Almost as much as he is going to love getting a top whack bounty ;)

By the way, if they try to quote the new JSP754 instructions regarding part payment of Bounty (1/12 of bounty for each complete month worked) then inform them that this does not come into effect untill 01 April 2007 and does not have any baring on this Bounty qualifying year.

and ignore the wise cracks mate, bounty bars taste like stale cats p**s, stick to mars bars.
layerwhite said:
if they try to quote the new JSP754 instructions regarding part payment of Bounty (1/12 of bounty for each complete month worked)
Could you explain these new instructions and their implications this as if speaking to a complete spaz (ie me) please?
Dear Spaz,

the instructions pertaining to the payment of the Bounty have always stated that you could receive a bounty payment (after completing your mtd obligations) in your 1st year or your last year but not both. As from 01 April this year you can qualify for payment in both years but it will be on a pro-rata basis, ie if you leave on 26th Nov this year, have completed all your MATTS and your MTD obligation (19 days for sponsored, 27 days for independants) you will receive 7/12ths of the Bounty payable - 1/12th for every complete month in service after 01 April. The same applies for someone who joins the TA halfway through the Trg year once again on completion of his/her commitments. Hope this helps
^ Sounds like a huge WAHHHHH to me...
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