Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by geordie-ted, Feb 14, 2007.

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  1. Looking for some clarification here..
    My sub unit produced names for first bounty run thinking all qualified. RAO has rejected list due to the fact that some have not attempted the PFT. I understand that "passing" the PFT is not a bounty requirement, but is it mandatory that all must attempt it to qualify for bounty this year. alot of confusion in unit, and no one seems to know the answer. As usual RAO thinks he is always right and paying out of his own pocket.
  2. msr

    msr LE

    The letter from LAND isn't actually very clear and as a result confusion reigns.

    I would bend an ear and mention the word 'retention'. Or find a PTI and tell everyone to come and 'attempt' it.

  3. Ah! the guy every unit has who thinks its his own money he is paying with.

    This is not a DS answer but I thought you had to pass all MATT's except the PFT which must be attempted.

    No doubt someone here will either be able to conform that or provide the right answer but getting the jobsworth git at the unit who sees it as his personal mission in life either to withhold or prevent bounty's getting paid is quite another thing.

  4. Ah, tis getting to that time of year again, bounty issues. PFT is an attempt, nothing else. To get it out the way quickly, get your PTI to do the bleep test as opposed to the full BFT, and you can get it done that way.
  5. msr

    msr LE

    Hold, had another thought - invite the RAO to come and attempt it it with you.

  6. I am so sick of hearing about these old school RAOs arrogating authority.
    Get the OC to take the list to the CO. It is the CO who signs certificates of efficiency NOT THE CHUFFING RAO. If the OC or CO is not interested and has delegated this to the RAO that is a shame (and possibley not legitimate) since screwing up the bounty is the quickest way to ensure exit stage left for the TA.

    And if it is unclear in army policy then you definitely have a case for judicial review if it is not paid.

    Good luck fella


    Oh and while you are at it ask the RAO (if as I presume he is on the old contract) why the NRPS contract went from the old sweet one (up till 60) to reviewed every five years. It is so we can get rid of people like him. M9
  7. And ensure all will miss the Feb deadline, as he has a heart attack :roll:
  8. msr

    msr LE

    Or name and shame the unit which is clearly not on CRF's ME.

  9. Still haven't got an answer. IS the PFT attempt compulsory for bounty qualification.
  10. I have read the letter from LAND as such. I believe it says that you must attempt the PFT the requisite number of times for your MATT level (usually level 2 for the TA), but you need to pass the CFT at the appropriate weight unless you are over 50 or excused with a biff chit.

    Before you all start leaping up and down on the RAO, remember that his job is to submit the correct paperwork to Glasgow so you all get your bounty.

    If your sub-unit has produced paperwork that is incorrect in a fairly major detail like not mentioning the PFT attempt, then all he is doing is making sure that he isn't going to pass on incorrect details to Glasgow.

    A PFT isn't difficult to organise. Get on with it and stop whining.
  11. I wonder if 33 Sigs will get their bounties this year without having to go to the local press?
  12. Or radically, you could just pass it, like the rest of the Army.
  13. Policy letter on PFT/matts , issued usually by bde comds, normally states that these test have to be passed. Its like the apwt, people turn up and fire then get tick in box. LAND, after TELIC 1 found most soldiers couldn't pass apwt, but still got bounty. They changed rules to state pass apwt so attending went out of the window. What is the point of attending something to get a tick in box and failing and then being told you are efficient?!!!!!
  14. I agree.

    Have a word with yourself. When was the last time that the Regular clerks, blanket stackers and other oxygen thieves passed one.
  15. If they fail they go to the med centre and begin remedial trg, if they fail again within a given time they have a 3 month warning order where they pass or they are discharged.

    Unless of course they get a fablon biff chit in which case its easy street.

    "clerks, blanket stackers and other oxygen thieves" I might think that some of said trades, which are all part of the delivery of combat power, might have strong views about being described as "oxygen thieves" or the inference that they as a rule cannot pass phys tests. Those who have difficulty with basic phys requirements are similar in nature and are drawn from all arms and services - both TA and regular. There isnt one group.

    The fact that you do it from the TA only adds fuel to the hotly debated "them and us" attitude that sometimes affects the regular/TA relationship.