Discussion in 'OTC' started by Mongoose, Oct 3, 2006.

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  1. Just realised, is it nearly that time of year again?
  2. How much is it now a days?
  3. £135 for 1st year after that I don't know.
  4. is that for all OTC's?
  5. Yes.

    Anyone know original answer?
  6. The amounts are £131 for first year £152 for second and £185 for third. Providing you have qualified ie by time and completing the necessary ITDs/MTQ training. They should be processed at the end of September for payment in Oct. Hope that answers all the queries.
  7. Sorry 4 beers out.
  8. have you all got your bounty? we have already had our october pay and there was no sign of it. or do they come seperately and does anyone know more specifically when? because im skint!!!!!
  9. They come in separately to normal pay. It depends on when your admin staff have processed the paperwork. At our OTC about 50% of the cadets have been paid and the remainder should get it shortly.
  10. Right so i'll expect it sometime around 2009-2010 then going by our admin staffs current track record!
  11. sparky which OTC you at?
  12. queens. and you?
  13. Manchester and Salford
  14. Laura, when did you get yours? - I only got mine about 3 weeks ago! All seems a little late.