Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by messiah, Mar 27, 2006.

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  1. does anyone one know how much the bounty is this year as i'm getting mixed sum's
  2. It depends on how many years you've done, I believe. It goes up during your first 5 years in the TA then stays the same after that. If it's your first year, it's around £350.
  3. They have shot up big time ... 1st year is like £700 now... apppppparantly...
  4. Oh, well I am still a recruit who has only done his TAF's so chances are 90% will know more about this subject than me!

    But I was told a few months ago it was £350. So it must have gone up. There should be someone in your squadron you can talk to about payment and all that, we have a corporal who deals with it.
  5. Is that even current? I heard that its £1505 for 5 year + this year.
  6. Is the bounty taken on full years? I joined in Oct 2004 so what year would I class as now?
  7. its purely on financial years, if you qualify by April then you get it, if not then you have to wait till next April till you start. So if you got your 1st bounty in April 2005 then you should get your second next month. Again providing you qualified. I joint Oct 31 2001 and just qualified in time for April 2002 so am getting my 5th year ( :) ) despite actual time served being around 4 1/2
  8. It doesn't matter how long you have been in, nor is it like Connect 4 (where you have to get them in a row).

    If this is the first year you qualify > 1st year bounty

    If you miss next year, then the year after you are eligible to qualify for a 2nd year bounty
  9. 3 replies in almost the same number of minutes. They didn't even exist when I started writing this post, but I'm the only one with a Wah hat on.

    ^ It's taken as training years/bounty years in which you have qualified for cert of efficiency, which conviniently fit in with the tax year. So Oct 04 to Apr 05 was bounty year one for you, Apr 05 to Apr 06 is your second. You should work it out as bounties qualified for, if you've had one before and this is your second that have qual'd for so you get £840.

    If you've been in three years but only qualified for one bounty (slacker, what are you playing at?!!?) then you'll still be on year two bounty and probably kicking yourself.

    Just worked out that this years bounty nearly doubles my pay from the last year and makes my average pay/hours worked a good bit closer to the nat minimum wage - which is nice. :?
  10. I heard its 10 packs of smarties and a choc ice
  11. I stand corrected on the financial year bit - learn something new everyday! ;) Otherwise yea sounds about right, althought the magic and mystery of the TA pay system is one of the worlds modern wonders!! Mine seems to go up randomly across the year as well as my increment date! not complaining tho means I only have to 'work' half of the time most other students do stacking shelves or serving KFC :) :)
  12. Yes but cutbacks mean that there is no freezer for the choc ice to be stored in and although it's still 10 packs of smarties they are now the 'party bag/mini' sized ones rather than the tubes... Oh and they don't arrive until they are out of date, probably with Iranian text on them but produced in China.
  13. Whoah,

    Love the explanations, but it is a bit more complex. Basically you have to keep on qualifying IOT progress and even to stay at the same level. Need somebody terribly knowledgeable, But I believe if you fail to qualify 2 years in a row the you go back to 'Year 1'. Keeps us all Kosher, or is this only 'being out/TA unposted and cannot qualify'?

    It all depends in the end on how much 'they' love you, but you definately can go back to square one!

    If you take a 'career break/fruit of your loins break' of say 25 months, is there a way of maintaining the bounty? Not according to the 'TA Regs' I was quoted.

    Not necessarily right! Just bitter!